3 Days Building High Performing Team

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This Programmes explores the facets of a high performing team, and the individuals that make up the team. 

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Organisational pressures can be identified as one of those areas that can invoke situations that present challenges, demands, stresses, pressures and changing priorities.

The ability of individuals and teams to cope with such situations is at the heart of the success of an organisation and can relate directly to “the bottom line”.

Resilience is central to well-being as it is to team and organisational performance. No wonder there is a surge of interest in resilience-building, as organisations and their employees are faced with constant change and new challenges. Building resilient teams means that your team is more equipped to manage shifting business landscape and to continue to achieve results

Conversely inability to deal with these problems can play a significant role in not only the outcome but also the long-term psychological consequences, for the individual and organisation.

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HR professionals

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Requisitos: Those who would like to develop their management skills.

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14 marzo 2017
London, Inglaterra
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Business Development
Performance Management
Strategic Planning
Team Dynamics
Team Training
Business management
Executive skills
Leadership Styles
Motivating a team
Team cohesion
Team Effectiveness
Team Development


Day 1 – Leadership styles and effective team leadership
• Identify your current preferred leadership styles and practices.
• Recognise the difference between leadership and management and how different styles impact on team performance.
• Understand how to develop and influence others.
• Learn how to choose an appropriate leadership style based on the situation at hand.
• Recognise and understand different team roles and their importance in effective team building.
• Learn how to lead groups to deliver objectives and outcomes.

Day 2 – Team development and dynamics
• Identify the key characteristics of successful teams.
• Understand and assess the stage of development of their own team.
• Identify different styles of leadership and when to use them.
• Motivate the team towards success.
• Recognise the value of different team roles/Belbin team roles.
• Learn how to motivate individuals to willingly expend effort on a task.
• Managing team dynamics to ensure that the team is working at peak performance.
• Understand how teams develop over time.
• Identify team member strengths and their role preferences.

Day 3- Building Resilient teams
• What being resilient is and how to develop it in team members.
• What behaviours resilient teams typically demonstrate.
• How change impacts on a team's ability to remain positive.
• How you can minimise the impact of challenges faced.
• How to improve the level of control teams need to operate at.
• How commitment and confidence can be enhanced.
• How and when to choose appropriate tools and techniques.
• Recognise and learn how to manage stress within the team.
• Recognise behaviour traits in self and others.
• Gain a better understanding of differing personalities and what motivates them, leading to better communications and teamwork.
• Allocate tasks and learn when and how to delegate to reduce overload and burnout.  
• Build supportive and effective teams and networks.

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This course can also be delivered in house. Price to be confirmed.