3 Days Leading With Emotional Intelligence

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The programme explores the concept of emotional intelligences as it relates to business performance and professional effectiveness

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Emotional intelligence has 5 key component; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills, that are the hallmarks of the individual who is able to harness the emotional brain to competitive advantage.  The programme explores the concept of emotional intelligences as it relates to business performance and professional effectiveness.

Focussing on key EI tools and techniques applicable in everyday work situations to improve your effectiveness

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Requisitos: Those who would like to explore how to motivate a team and build team performance

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18 abril 2017
20 abril 2017
London, Inglaterra
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Performance Management
Emotional Intelligence
Strategic Planning
Team Development
Business management
Executive skills
Leadership Styles
Managing Emotions
E.I. intelligence
Emotional Brain
Rational Brain
Business Development
Emotional Intelligence


Day 1 –Assessing your EQ
• What is Emotional Intelligence - How your brain works
• Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
• Outlining the core EI competencies
• The benefits of becoming a more Emotionally Intelligent manager
• Assessing your own EI
• A framework to develop EI leadership competencies
• The importance of self-awareness for development
• Understanding your emotional responses and their impact on others
• Understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses

Day 2 - The Self-aware Manager – How to build your emotional intelligence
• The Self-managed Manager – How to manage pressure and strong emotions
• The benefits of managing and controlling your emotions
• Staying focused and calm under pressure
• Managing anger, fear and sadness constructively
• Self-motivation to achieve goals
• The Socially Aware Manager – How to engage, empathise and build rapport
• Understanding and empathising with others
• Building rapport with a broad range of people
• E.I tools and strategies

Day 3 - Building Emotionally intelligent teams and organisations
• Managing and engaging emotions within your team
• Building Relationships – Handling conflict, coaching and feedback situations
• Why relationships succeed or fail
• Building and managing internal and external relationships
• Communicating with and influencing others for enhanced results
• Managing conflicts with others – including feedback and difficult conversations
• Developing others using emotional coaching

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This course can also be delivered in house. Price to be confirmed.