Management First Steps

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This programme focuses on the essence of what makes a good leader, exploring key leadership competencies, providing the basis for honing leadership skills and qualities, to review new trends and approaches.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

This programme is designed with the challenges of the new manager in mind, addressing the most salient issues that the new manager will face. Providing a forum for exploring these challenges with other new managers, with expert leadership and management facilitators experienced in these challenges.

What will you achieve on this programme?

Gain an understanding of the characteristics and skill set of highly effective managers.
Gain a sound understanding of how to manage performance in such a way as to get the very best from your people.
Awareness of tools and techniques for developing a motivated and cohesive team and its individual members.
Self awareness as a manager, and action planning for further development.

¿Esta formación es para mí?

New/Inexperienced managers
Supervisors/Team leaders

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Programme brochure sent out, with booking form and methods of payment.

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18 septiembre 2017
London, Inglaterra
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Performance Management
Strategic Planning
Team Development
Team Training
Business management
Executive skills
Leadership Styles
Business Development


Day 1 - The Management Role
Every new manager needs to differentiate their old role as a co-worker and their new management role.  This can be particularly challenging if you are managing people who used to be your co-worker. This module explores the management role in detail.

Day 2– Managing the dynamics of your team
As a new manager you will need to manage groups and teams, understanding their norms and development, and the skills managing diverse teams. New managers from any discipline will need to gain the tools to appropriate select project teams that work well together and to the ability to harness the abilities/skills of individuals in the team, but also how to enable teams to work cohesively together.  

Day 3 - Performance Management
Quite often new managers are expert in their field, they have proven their sector knowledge/specialist skills, however as new manager the added dimension is how to manage performance of staff, some of whom may have been co-workers previously.

Day 4 - Coaching for Performance
As you start out in management  you will need appropriate tools for empowering and getting the best out of your team.  The development of coaching skills is a necessary management skill to ensure that you are able to optimise the talent within your team effectively.

Day 5 – The Manager as the Developer of others
The most effective manager is one that is able to get the best out of their team.  The manager who understands that their success is integrated into the success of the individuals that they manage.  This module of the programme looks at the management role in terms of the importance of developing others.

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This course can also be delivered in house. Price to be confirmed.