Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Our Accounting & Bookkeeping course is designed to give you the basics you need to familiarize yourself with accounting and bookkeeping, to prepare yourself to begin a career in the field, and/or to become a better asset to your business. Wouldn’t you like to:
Understand the financial side of your business better
Get a head start on your career in accounting or bookkeeping
Better understand how to plan for and prepare taxes

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This course will focus on:

· The importance of basic accounting practices
· Keeping and balancing a business payroll
· Tracking business inventory and making sure everything adds up
· Keeping track of cash and balancing currency
· Proper bookkeeping practices
· Profit analysis and shareholder equity
· Reporting taxes and preparing your business for an audit (whether internal or external)

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Financial Accounting
Balance Sheet
Management Accounting
Financial Training
Tax Accounting
Tracking Sales
Handling an Audit


Module 1 : Beginning accounting

History of accounting
Why is accounting important?
Decisions you must make
Jargon, or how to speak like an accountant

Module 2 : Types of accounting

Financial accounting
Management accounting
Tax accounting

Module 3 : Making sense of your accounts

Organization The accounting cycle
Using computers for accounting
How does computerized accounting work?

Module 4 : Keeping inventory and tracking sales

Purpose of inventory
Keeping up with inventory
Keeping track of sales
Balancing cash

Module 5 : Controlling and managing expenses

How to control expenses
Balancing your payroll
Long-term asset acquisitions
Financial liabilities

Module 6 : Avoiding illegal accounting

Improper accounting procedures
Avoiding shortcuts
Famous accounting scandals

Module 7 : Introduction into bookkeeping

Importance of bookkeeping
Single-entry bookkeeping
Double-entry bookkeeping

Module 8 : Proper bookkeeping

Balancing and testing your book
How to adjust entries
Financial statement preparation
Profit analysis
Liquidity, and how to test it
Why is internal control important?

Module 9 : Tracking & reporting taxes

What are business taxes?
How to report year-end numbers to the government
Finishing and closing your books

Module 10 : Handling an audit

External auditor
Internal auditor
Cost auditor
Performance audit
Quality audits
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