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Tipología Curso
Metodología Online
Horas lectivas 30 horas de estudio
Duración 60 Days
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Campus online
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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 30 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    60 Days
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  • Campus online
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Create compelling and professional designs for high quality publications.

Adobe InDesign is a software package that is regarded as the industry standard across the publishing industry – but like many Adobe products, it is often daunting for new users. With so many available functions, tools, and potential operations, it is difficult for even the most tech savvy editor to know where to start.

The Adobe InDesign course is designed to help any willing user overcome these challenges by breaking down the main functions into five easy to digest parts.

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Students who complete this course will walk away with an understanding of:

How to setup and run InDesign
How to format and organize whole pages
How to work with text, paragraphs, and special characters
How to insert and format images and objects
How to prepare a finished document for publication
With this fast track guide, anyone can use InDesign to help their content shine.

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Image Editing
Printing Technology
Exportation strategy
Image processing
Spelling correction
Display Performance


Module 1: Introduction/Getting Started
1.1 Document Setup
1.2 Getting around InDesign (Tour)
1.3 Using Rulers and Guides

Module 2: Formatting Pages
2.1 Navigating Pages
2.2 Master Pages
2.3 Layers

Module 3: Formatting Text
3.1 Creating Text Frames + Flowing
3.2 Characters and Paragraphs
3.3 Special Characters + Page Numbers

Module 4: Formatting Objects and Images
4.1 Placing Images + Objects
4.2 Display Performance, + Links
4.3 Crop, Scale, Rotate, Flip
4.4 Strokes/Fills, Align, Effects
4.5 Combining Type + Images

Module 5: Saving and Printing
5.1 Spell Check, Saving
5.2 Preparing for Print
5.3 Packaging
5.4 Exporting
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