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The appraisal process is a key feature of staff development and performance management. As a management task, however, it can frequently be reduced to a ‘tick box’ task done once a year. Yet, employees rely on appraisals for feedback on their progress and achievement. This stimulating training programme helps managers recognise the importance of carrying out and following up on appraisals. The programme shows how to conduct an effective appraisal that really makes a difference and motivates staff.

This training programme is typically delivered in English.
Translators can be provided at an additional cost. In order to ensure that there is a good balance of theory, discussion and practical work this course requires a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 delegates.

Smaller and larger groups may be accommodated, subject to further discussion. Please contact dancinglion for more information.

Información importante
¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

By the end of this module you will have:

❖managers who are equipped to manage and motivate their direct reports
❖staff who leave their appraisals feeling their work has been recognised and their needs addressed
❖an organisation or department that’s firing on all cylinders
❖a more engaged and motivated workforce with savings made for the company through reduced abseenteism and turnover.

¿Esta formación es para mí?

Senior staff, managers and HR specialists. Anybody responsible for the performance of others.

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Performance Management
Career Development
Internal Communication
Interview Techniques
Appraisal Skills
Coaching Skills
Employee Management
Employee Motivation
Performance Appraisal
Effective Communication
Coaching Skills
Coaching Skills


Programme objectives

To provide delegates with the understanding and skills to appraise there colleagues at work. Delegates will learn how to:

❖gather appraisal performance data and analyse it effectively
❖plan the interview process and make effective use of questioning and listening skills
❖use coaching models to help staff identify strengths, development areas and strategies to progress
❖help staff turn aims into goals that are challenging and achievable
❖manage poor performers
❖follow up the appraisal process so it becomes an ongoing development tool.

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