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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Manchester (Inglaterra)

Classics is a programme based on the study of Greek and Latin language and literature in each of the three years of study. There are four possible Routes through this degree programme: Route 1 involves the study of both Greek and Latin; Route 2 is primarily Greek-focussed; Route 3 is focussed on Latin; and Route 4 - Classics and Ancient History - combines language study with ancient history and literature modules, so that students can combine literary, linguistic and historical study.

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01 septiembre 2016
Oxford Road, M13 9PL, Greater Manchester, Inglaterra
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Ancient History


Course Content
  • Introduction to European Archaeology
  • Introduction to World Archaeology
  • Catullus
  • Constructing Archaic Greek History
  • From Republic to Empire: Introduction to Roman History, Society & Culture 218-31BC
  • The Odyssey
  • From Pillar to Pots: An Introduction to Greek Art and Archaeology
  • Intensive Greek 1
  • Intensive Latin 1
  • Advanced Latin Language 1
  • Greek Art and The City State
  • Roman Archaeology: Identity and Society
  • European Prehistory
  • Changing Worlds in the Near East and East Mediterranean
  • The Roman Empire 31BC - AD235: Rome's Golden Age
  • Politics and Society in Classical Greece
  • Intensive Greek 1
  • Intensive Latin 1
  • Classics and Ancient History Long Essay
  • Egypt in the Graeco-Roman World
  • Dissertation
  • Advanced Latin Language 3
  • Advanced Greek Language 3
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