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  • Bachelor's degree
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    4 Years

The Department of Geography at King’s College London (KCL) includes a concentration of scholars and specialists in the geography of Africa and Asia. Several courses also include examples from Latin America. There are courses in both physical and human geography that place development problems in a global environment context.

Students combining Geography with another subject are registered at SOAS but receive tuition in Geography at KCL’s Strand campus, and enjoy the facilities of both colleges. Applicants should apply to SOAS only.

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Requisitos: Interview Policy: Candidates with 'non standard' qualifications may be invited.

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15 octubre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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Human Geography
Physical Geography
Natural Environment
Geographical Foundations


The Teaching Programme Students take the equivalent of four course units a year, made up of combinations of whole (1.0 cu) or half (0.5 cu) course units or equivalent credits at KCL (15 credits = half unit). The range of courses offered and their content may change from year to year but the following gives an indication of the current programme. Year 1 Most of the joint honours degrees involve a first year of study where all courses are core and/or compulsory providing the basic disciplinary building blocks for years two and three. Usually 2 units must be studied in each discipline although there is variation with language degrees, for example, where much of the first year may be devoted to building a basic competence in the language. For details on the SOAS components, see the relevant disciplinary pages on the SOAS website. Normally in their first year most joint honours students will study in Geography: 4SSG0141 Geographical Foundations: the making of the modern world 4SSG0140 The Changing Natural Environment Year 2 In the second and subsequent years there is much greater flexibility in course choice in your two chosen disciplines, although a minimum number of units in each discipline must be completed to obtain a joint honours degree. Second year courses are thematically based and explore some of the theoretical and research issues raised in the first year courses. You can specialise in human geography or in physical geography, or take courses in both. Students can also choose to take an assessed field trip half unit course (current locations are India, Morocco, France or San Francisco) which must be combined with a further half unit in methods training (Human or Physical, depending on the choice of location). Year 3 In the third year joint honours can choose from a wide range of courses which often draw on the research orientations of the staff. It is possible to do a full unit dissertation (the 1 cu (30 credit) Independent Geographical Study), based on a subject of your own choosing, which is usually researched in the summer vacation of the second year. A member of staff is appointed to assist and advise you on your research for the IGS. All BA Geography students please download the SOAS Geography Options 1617 PDF for guidance on programme structures and module options.

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