BA South Asian Studies and International Management (4 years)

SOAS, University of London
En City of London (Inglaterra)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • City of london (Inglaterra)
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    4 Years

SOAS is the only University in the UK where you can combine the study of management with the study of the language and culture of South Asia as part of your BA degree.

The four year degree gives you the unique opportunity of spending the third year attending an intensive language programme in India, Nepal or Bangladesh and experiencing life and study in South Asia in what is a unique life experience.

At SOAS, on the management side you will study general modules on accounting, business, management and marketing that will include concrete examples from Asia, advanced modules on economy and finance in East Asia, and you will be able to focus on finance and management of South Asia in your essays and final dissertation.

On the South Asian side you will be able be able to choose from a range of exciting modules on the culture and society of South Asia, including unique modules in cinema, literature, art, music, religion, history, politics, law, economics and anthropology. We offer the widest range of culture modules on South Asia, both at introductory and specialist levels.

If you choose to study languages, in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Sanskrit and Urdu (‘pathway languages’) we offer language modules at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. We also offer modules that use the language skills you acquire to gain access to the present and past culture of South Asia through written and audio visual texts.

We also offer a more limited range of language modules in Tamil, Sinhala, Gujarati and Punjabi, subject to a minimum number of students.

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Our BA South Asian Studies and International Management (4 years) prepares you for a career in management and finance in or with South Asia. As the economies of South Asia continue to expand, a knowledge of language and culture will be more and more of an asset in the world of commerce and international trade. Other career paths of our graduates include international development and aid agencies, print journalism and media, local, national and international government agencies, overseas companies, teaching, law, librarianship, arts administration. Many of our graduates choose to pursue Masters programmes that either focus on particular aspects of South Asia, or are linked to professional qualifications in law, development, media, etc.

Requisitos: Languages at SOAS are taught ab initio, and no prior knowledge is required. A foreign language at A level or equivalent is preferred but not essential.

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30 septiembre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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BA South Asian Studies and International Management as a 4 year degree combines the study of management and finance (with particular focus on Asia) with the the study of South Asia from a number of aspects (culture, history, music, art, literature, politics, economics, law, anthropology). The programme consists of four modules every year, with at least five modules completed in your first subject and four in the second subject. Students can choose whether to pursue language learning or focus exclusively on culture modules related to South Asia. Students who decide not to pursue language study and spend the third year abroad can transfer to the BA South Asian Studies and International Management 3 year degree. The first year features the core modules South Asian Culture, a module surveying the cultural history of South Asia; a language module or an introductory module on the art, religion or history of South Asia; 2 half unit introductory modules on accounting, management and/or quantitative and analytical techniques for managers; and a module on the economy of either China or Japan & Korea. In Year 2 you will take four half unit modules on corporate finance and finance accounting, international business strategy, international marketing and managerial accounting. For your other two units you continues language work in the pathway language of choice (core) in combination with an intermediary module relevant to that language Year 3 is spent attending an intensive language module in India, Nepal or Bangladesh, with opportunities to liaise with local and international companies and to collect material for the Independent Study Project in year 4. In Year 4 you will choose two half unit advanced modules on economics and finance in East Asia; an undergraduate dissertation (ISP) of 10,000 words on a topic of your choice related to management and/or finance in South Asia; and two further units of intermediate or advanced language and/or culture modules on South Asia. Introductory language modules taught in Year 1 assume no previous knowledge of the chosen language or its script: they start completely from scratch. Modules in modern languages concentrate on all four linguistic skills – understanding, speaking, reading and writing; classes are small and interactive, with students being encouraged to use the language actively from the outset. There is usually a 40/60 balance between coursework and exam in language modules. Many of our introductory language modules have been written especially for our needs by members of the Department staff; and intermediate and advanced language modules feature a wide range of ‘real world’ teaching and study materials. Year 1 Core Module Module Code Unit value Term Availability South Asian Culture 155900812 1 Unit Full Year Option 1 Pathway language module from List A (core) Option 2 Choose 2 half units from the following Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to accounting 151030001 0.5 Unit Term 1 Understanding company accounts and reports 151030002 0.5 Unit Term 2 Quantitative and analytical techniques for managers 151030005 0.5 Unit Term 2 Principles and management of marketing 151030004 0.5 Unit Term 1 Year 2 Option 1 Pathway language module from List A (core) Option 2 Choose module related to the pathway language Module Code Unit value Term Availability Readings in Contemporary Hindi 155901185 1 Unit Full Year Society, Culture and Politics in Nepal 155901305 1 Unit Full Year Option 3 Choose four half units from the following Module Code Unit value Term Availability Corporate finance and financial accounting 151030006 0.5 Unit Term 2 Managerial accounting 151030007 0.5 Unit Term 1 International business strategy 151030008 0.5 Unit Term 1 Managerial economics 151030009 0.5 Unit Term 2 Qualitative and case study research 151030011 0.5 Unit Term 2 International marketing 1: the environment 151030010 0.5 Unit Term 1 Year 3 Depending on their language pathway, students will spend the whole academic year in India (Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit), Nepal (Nepali) or Bangladesh (Bengali). There students are expected to attend an intensive language module at an appointed institution and are required to sit local examinations. Year 4 Option 1 Pathway language module from List A (core) Option 2 A further language module from List A at intermediate or advanced level OR a module from List C

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