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  • Bachelor's degree
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    3 Years

As enterprise is becoming focused on the security of its information systems, the demand for cybersecurity specialists continues to expand. The Bsc in Cybersecurity prepares students to handle the full variety of threats and challenges faced by the modern enterprise.

Students start with foundations in mathematics and computer science, continue with programming and security tools and arrive at the understanding of the full range of current cyber threats, enterprise security architecture as well as legal and ethical aspects of security.

At the end of the third year, students will have sufficient theoretical and programming background to tackle computer science problems in professional real world scenarios. A significant amount of time will be dedicated to the development of the Capstone project. The courses are taught by researchers and professionals who practice the courses they teach either academically or by sharing their professional experiences in their field. The goal of the final year is to expose students to a range of real-world applications of the material that they've learned to ensure seamless transition into a professional roles.

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Anyone interested in the subject with a strong math foundation.

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We will contact you per phone and/or email to find out about your motivation.

Requisitos: - Math test - Skype interview - Personal project idea - High motivation

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17 octubre 2016
Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, Barcelona, España
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Operating Systems
Data Protection
Computer networks


In the first year, students obtain the foundational theoretical knowledge they need to become cybersecurity professionals. The programme builds the mathematical basis upon which students will develop understanding of programming, computer networks and enterprise information systems during following years. The courses are mostly given in a form of lectures and takeaway coursework.

In the second year, students complete the foundations with courses in programming, scripting, machine learning and databases and continue to study security of operating systems and networks. The second year also offers a fundamental courses in cryptography and principles of secure programming. Most courses require practical coursework and a course project enabling students to get a feel for the challenges and approaches used in this field. The students will also begin developing software for the Capstone project.

During the third, the final year, students focus on veriety of cybersecurity topics including advanced network management, operating system security, policy analysis and implementation, vulnerability analysis and legal environment. The courses are taught by researchers and professionals who practice the material they teach either academically or professionally. This is the best time to learn cybersecurity first hand from leading practitioners. The goal of the final year is to expose students to a range of real-world security challenges and mitigation strategies and to ensure seamless transition into a professional roles.

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