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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Barcelona
  • Duración:
    3 Years

The Data Science BSc programme sets out to develop the skills needed to cut through the deluge of data we’re dealing with on a global scale. Students learn to cut through the noise and employ automated analytical tools to create useful knowledge out of big data.

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Anyone interested in the subject with a strong math foundation.

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We will contact you per phone and/or email to find out about your motivation.

Requisitos: - Math test - Skype interview - Personal project - High motivation

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17 octubre 2016
Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, Barcelona, España
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Information Systems
Management Information Systems
Software Engineering
System Operation
Quality Assurance Systems
Data Mining
Data Management
Information Management System
Data science


In the first year, students obtain the foundational theoretical knowledge they need to become data scientists. The programme builds the mathematical basis upon which students will develop understanding of programming, statistics, machine learning and data management during following years. The courses are mostly given in a form of lectures and takeaway coursework.

In the second year, students learn programming, statistics and machine learning in addition to courses that will further establish the mathematical foundations they need in data science.

The second year also contains courses that start covering tremendously useful data science tools as well as technical writing instruments. Most courses require practical coursework and a course project enabling students to get a feel for the challenges and approaches used in this field. The students will also begin developing software for the Capstone project.

By the end of this year, students will be able to write programmes, use primary data science tools and conduct data analysis and will be ready to study applied courses during the final year of the programme.

During the third, the final year, students will complete their studies of programming and data analysis and will primarily focus on applications of data science. The programme offers many of practical and interdisciplinary courses. The courses are taught by researchers and professionals who practice the courses they teach either academically or by sharing their professional experiences in their field.

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