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University Of Adelaide Thebarton Campus 3/49 Holland Street, SA 5005, South Australia, Australia
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Full Time
GCSE Mathematics


Students take courses to the value of at least 72 units comprising a core mathematical sciences requirement, including advanced level coursework, together with a number of electives.
Students must complete at least 18 units of Level III courses chosen from Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Statistics together with Advanced Mathematical Perspectives III.
Students completing the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) will be automatically eligible for entry to the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences.
Honours consists of one further year of full-time study that includes a research component.
Specialisations in applied mathematics, pure mathematics or statistics are available for honours.
The honours degree is highly regarded by employers and provides suitable preparation for postgraduate study.
Academic Program Rules The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) Areas of Specialisation The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) allows students to choose a specialisation in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Statistics.
Example Study Plan The below study plan is indicative of a semester 1 commencement.
Please scroll to the bottom of the table to print a study plan for semester 1 or 2 commencement.
BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (ADVANCED) Year1S1 MATHS 1011 Mathematics IA (3 units) COMP SCI 1012 Scientific Computing (3 units) MATHS 1015 Advanced Mathematical Perspectives I (3 units) Level I or II or III Elective (3 units)* S2 MATHS 1012 Mathematics IB (3 units) STATS 1005 Statistical Analysis & Modelling I (3 units) MATHS 1008 Mathematics for Information Technology I (3 units) Level I or II or III Elective (3 units)* Year2S1 MATHS 2101 Multivariable & Complex Calculus II (3 units) MATHS 2102 Differential Equations II (3 units) MATHS 2103 Probability & Statistics II (3 units) Level II Elective (3 units)* S2 MATHS 2100 Real Analysis II (3 units) MATHS 2203 Advanced Mathematical Perspectives II (3 units) Level I or II or III Elective (3 units)* Level II Elective (3 units)* Year3S1 Level III Mathematical Sciences Elective (3 units) Level III Mathematical Sciences Elective (3 units) Level III Mathematical Sciences Elective (3 units) Level III Mathematical Sciences Elective (3 units) S2 Level III Mathematical Sciences Elective (3 units) MATHS 3020 Advanced Mathematical Perspectives III (3 units) Level III Elective (3 Units) Level III Elective (3 Units) *Electives may be chosen from courses offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Computer Sciences or other courses offered by the University of Adelaide.
Students will need to satisfy any specified course eligibility requirements.
GUIDE TO ENROLMENT This study plan should be used to guide enrolment for the current academic year.
Some students may need to modify their enrolment based on previous study (e.
students granted advanced standing/credit, students repeating previously failed courses).
COURSE AVAILABILITY^ course not available in 2016 Download a print copy of the study plan Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) Semester 2 Start: Students commencing in semester 2, download a print copy of the study plan Semester 2 - Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) Assessment Assessment can vary from course to course and can include a combination of class work, tutorials, project work and exams.
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