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Do you want to make a career out of planning beauty parties?

Our online Beauty Party Planning course is a great place to start. Regardless of whether you are looking to start your first career or switch to a new career, our online course material will give you everything you need to become a great Beauty Party Planner.

Our online Beauty Party Planning course will prepare you for a successful career in beauty party planning, and we will give you the opportunity to prepare on your own schedule. Our course material is available anywhere you have an Internet connection, so you can work on your new career whenever and wherever you like. There are no classrooms, and no meeting times, so the pace at which you work is entirely under your control.

Enrol today, and get started on a new career that is rewarding and will make you happy to go to work.

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Our online Beauty Party Planning course will give you a strong background in:

Understanding what a beauty party is
How to pamper your guests
Different types of beauty parties
How to run a successful beauty party planning business
Prepare for your new career around your schedule

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Customer Service
Social Media
Project Management
Budgetary control
Brand positioning


Module 1 : Introduction into Beauty Parties

1.1 What is a Beauty Party?
1.2 Types of Beauty Parties
1.3 Understanding the Beauty Party Client Base
1.4 Spa vs. DIY

Module 2 : How to Plan a Beauty Party

2.1 Communicating with the Client
2.2 Offering Different Options and Recommendations
2.3 Working Within a Budget
2.4 Figuring out a Budget and Keeping to it

Module 3 : Pampering the Guests

3.1 Making the Experience Simple and Relaxing
3.2 Give the Client Something Memorable
3.3 Adding the Extra Touch
3.4 Working with Spas and Vendors

Module 4 : Building Your Beauty Party Business

4.1 Developing Your Beauty Party Brand
4.2 Marketing and Advertising Effectively
4.3 Building Your Beauty Party Reputation
4.4 Making the Business Your Own
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