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    Septiembre 2017

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) the Diploma in Management Studies is designed for anyone working in management wanting to develop their knowledge and skill base.

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IT Management



  • Management and leadership
    Focuses on leadership as a personal quality and on the process by which people empower themselves and influence others positively. Includes an introduction to coaching.
  • Strategic human resource management
    A critical review of the key cultural and HR management themes across organisations. Encourages the students to challenge the status quo.
  • Enterprise and business planning
    Covers the key entrepreneurial, marketing and financial skills to create
    and present a convincing business plan either in the public sector or profit environment.
  • Projects and operations management
    A strong focus on effective and efficient implementation of projects and
    activities. Includes lean management.
Residential weekend

A residential weekend takes place in Semester 2. It is essential for all DMS students and is focused on the development of management coaching skills.


Modules are assessed by assignments, two per module. It is a requirement of the course to attend and contribute to the residential weekend.

As part of the ever evolving curriculum, all lecturers on the course strive to ensure that assignments are relevant and innovative, firmly linking them to the needs of you and your potential employers. As part of your studies, you'll take part in a weekend residential where you'll engage in various activities that have practical and theoretical use. As part of your learning you'll undertake an improvement project directly linked to your work. This project is guided by a lead management expert. These activities link across the entire curriculum. 

Modules are assessed using two types of assessment: Formative and Summative;

Formative assessment is any process whereby we concern ourselves with the process of learning and academic progress in order to assist development and knowledge acquisition, but without conferring a formal mark. Throughout the course there are various formative mechanisms, including group-work activity, learning diaries, action learning sets and the day to day advice and support from tutors and colleagues.

Summative assessment refers to the formalised marking of work, through examinations and the assessment of assignments. Although it is ultimately the summative assessments which confer a result, we intend that the formative processes should enhance the prospects of that result, and its meaning. Present students tell us that this shared engagement with learning has added considerably to their knowledge and confidence.

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