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Effective Presentation Skills Online Course (12 months Access)

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This highly motivating Effective Presentation Skills training course will show you how to quickly improve customer service skills inside your organization - and see a significant impact at consumer level. Want to build trust and encourage repeat business? Give employees the people skills they need to handle irate callers and clients, diffuse anger, avoid complaints, prevent burnout, and enhance communications. This Effective Presentation Skills training course is essential for every business.


 •  Satisfied customers are more compelled to be repeat customers.
 •  Employees learn skills necessary to create a positive customer experience.
 •  Customers feel they are the most important part of your business.


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Presentation Skills
Skills and Training


Session 1

Section A: Effective Presentation Skills
 *  Introduction
 *  Course Overview

Section B: Getting Started
 *  Dealing with Fear
 *  Reducing Anxiety
 *  Planning
 *  Key Fact

Section C: Organizing and Preparing
 *  Developing the Presentation
 *  Handouts and Visuals
 *  Practice
 *  Key Fact

Section D: Making Effective Presentations
 *  Physical Facilities
 *  Jumpstarting
 *  Delivery
 *  Common Mistakes
 *  Handling Questions
 *  Good Luck