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If you love horses and would like to make a career out of working with horses, the HNC Equine Studies at North Highland College UHI is the course for you. You will learn the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to be able to work with horses to a high standard. You will also be prepared for your BHS exams. Special features You will have the chance to take part in local competitions You will develop key business and management skills

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Year 1 - HNC Mandatory units are: Equine Studies: Preparation of Horses for Competitions Equine Studies: Graded Unit 1 Equine Studies: Equine Anatomy and Physiology Equine Studies: Equine Facility Management Equine Studies: Equine Fitness Equine Studies: Equine Health Equine Studies: Equine Nutrition Equine Studies: Equine Selection Option units may include: Equine Studies: The Brood Mare Equine Studies: The Stallion Creating a Culture of Customer Care Equine Studies: Driving the Single Turnout Equine Studies: Equine Youngstock Equine Studies: Equitation Equine Studies: Equitation for the Leisure Industry Option units available may vary depending on study location, for more information contact your chosen campus
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