Event & Hospitality Management

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  • Curso
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  • 50 horas de estudio
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The event management business is booming. We are in a new era where the marketing industry has grown and widened to an unprecedented level and event management is a thriving part of this sector.

Well planned and stylised events are no longer confined to the business sector. Charities, the sporting sector, the political world, entertainment world and individuals now use events to promote and celebrate a variety of issues, occasions and themes. It’s effectiveness in growing awareness, raising funds, celebrating achievement, promoting sales and marking personal highlights is widely accepted.

The course is packed with clear, practical knowledge, tips and insights from within the event planning industry. Throughout the course we quote illustrative examples and include useful charts. You’ll watch video tutorials which really bring the content alive. With this training, you can begin your new career with a confident and professional approach.

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Particularly over the past 10 years, event management has evolved so that both attendees and hosts now expect a high standard in memorable events. In our Event & Hospitality Management course, we’ve put together a thorough and in depth training in all aspects of planning and running many kinds of events. You’ll learn:

important principles in event management.
effective strategies in attracting and winning contracts.
how to manage budgets, advice on contracts, booking venues and securing sponsors.
how to prepare and present an event proposal.
tips for successful meetings with clients.
what qualities to look for when hiring service providers.
how to plan your event schedule with a step by step guide including a detailed pre event and event day checklist.
general etiquette and protocol (preparing invitations, table seating arrangements, table manners and dress codes).
how to manage a crisis.
what an event managers job looks like up close with a real life case study.

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Event Management
Hospitality Management
Event Planning
Planning Process
Hospitality catering
Target markets


Module 1: Working with clients
Planning and preparing for the meeting (incl. video)
First impressions and presentation (incl. video)
What does your client need?
What comes next? Timeframes (incl. video)
Following up
Event proposal
Contracts and agreements (incl. video)

Module 2: Steps for planning an event
Target your goals and audience
Planning the event: date and time (incl. video)
Budget (incl. video)
Venue Food and beverage (incl. video)

Module 3: Invitations, greetings and dress code
Invitations and replies (incl. video)
Greetings etiquette and handshake protocol (incl. video)
Dress code (incl. video)

Module 4: Table manners and table settings
Table seating arrangements
Table settings (incl. video)
Table manners

Module 5: The event
Last minute preparations (incl. video)
During the event
Business cards (incl. video)
Evaluating the event (incl. video)
After the event:
Keeping up with your clients, partners, and guests (incl. video)

Module 6: What is event management?
What is Event Management?
Role of the Event Manager
Project Management
Strength & Weaknesses of the event management profession
Crisis Management
Planning Your Career

Module 7: Types of events
Introduction (incl. video)
Launch Events
Fashion Shows
Religious Events
Sport Events
Political Events
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