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Corporate law is one of the principal practice areas in the legal field, and company law is the foundation of that practice area. This course will help you understand the fundamental concepts of company law. It will equip you to identify the key provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”), from the perspective of the lifecycle of any company. Through this Course, you will learn the manner in which a company is created, how it raises capital, the roles of its shareholders and board of directors. You will also learn about the restrictions placed on a company by the Act, and the various requirements it needs to fulfill. Finally, you will learn about the end of a company’s existence—the winding up process.

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If you work in any corporate enterprise, a deep working understanding of the Companies Act is absolutely critical to run its day-to-day operations and the transactions that it enters into with other entities. The new Act demands a thorough understanding from any corporate professional. This course will prepare you with the fundamentals of the new Act and the changes that have been brought about by it.

Requisitos: Any graduate, corporate professional, banking professionals,management/finance students/professionals.

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This Course Consist of the following contents -Unit 1: Introduction to Company Law -Learn about the history and development of corporate concepts like limited liability and corporate veil. Identify different types of business entities. Unit 2: Incorporating a Company -Distinguish the different types of companies and the manner of their incorporation (including foreign companies). Learn about constitutional documents of a company, requirements for incorporating a company, and the role of promoters. Unit3: Raising Capital For a Company -Understand the concept of capital and its sources. Differentiate between equity and debt as sources of financing. Learn about the concept of shares (equity and preference) and the issue of equity and debt capital. Understand the provisions in relation to increase and reduction in share capital, as well as the concept of buyback of shares. Unit 4: Understanding the Rights of Shareholders - I -Understandthe modes of acquiring membership of a company. Study the various administrative provisions relating to meetings of shareholders to run the company. Unit 5: Understanding the Rights of Shareholders - II -Learnabout the rights and privileges of shareholders, including the provisions relating to payment of dividend and bonus shares. Identify the various remedies available to shareholders, including class action suits. Unit 6: Managing a Company - I -Understand the composition of the board of directors (“Board”) of a company. Learn about the requirements relating to appointment, qualifications, retirement, resignation, removal, powers, and duties of directors. Learn about the requirements relating to appointment, qualifications, powers, and duties of the company secretary. Unit 7: Managing a Company - II -Understand the key requirements relating to Board meetings. Understand the distribution of powers between the Board and shareholders. Unit 8: Making Investments, Loans, or Deposits -Learn the law restricting investments in and loans to other companies. Learn the law restricting the extending of guarantees and granting security by a company. Unit 9: Understanding Audit, Record, and Reporting Requirements -Study the provisions relating to the maintenance of books of account, financial statements, and statutory books and registers. Understand the requirement for audit and the auditor’s report. Learn about the requirements relating to appointment, qualifications, powers, and duties of the auditor. Understand the requirements for reporting and disclosure in relation to the Board’s report. Unit 10: Winding Up a Company -Understand the key provisions in relation to the winding up of a company. Study the different modes for winding up of a company.

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This Course is made for students and they get A complete understanding of the new Companies Act, 2013. An in depth analysis of the various modes in which a company works. Learning the various compliances/requirements of a company.
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