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Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management

Escuela Internacional en Administración Hotelera y Turística Vatel

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    3 Años
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Let Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) and Vatel Madrid be your GATEWAY into a luxury career in the world of hospitality.

The duration of the programme is 3 years and includes 12 months of internship in three to five star hotels in Spain as well as world- wide. Students will acquire experience associated with the reality of their future profession, develop teamwork aptitudes and gain experience in their desired future environment.

Vatel Madrid

The Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management is an institution that has been preparing future Managers and Executives of the International Hospitality industry for 30 years. Its training consists of two levels: European Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management and MBA in International Hotel & Tourism Management.

Vatel Madrid programmes cover the training needs in the Hospitality industry, offering students specialised training and providing an overview of all areas of the sector. Our teaching methodology: a successful combination and balance between training practice and university education fully adapted to the new demands and current requirements of the sector.

Camilo José Cela University

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) was founded in the year 2000, as an offshoot of the SEK Education Institution, which has more than a hundred years of teaching experience. The university is a prime higher educational venture whose aim is to turn out professionally trained global graduates with a clear view of the society and world they live in.

The university has a wideranging academic programme with more than 40 degree and double degree courses – some of them exclusive to UCJC - and around 140 postgraduate courses. It also has a series of Extraordinary Academic Chairs and Institutes that impart courses aimed not only at undergraduates and postgraduates but also at the professional community.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management programme is addressed to candidates who have succesfully completed High School studies and its final aim is to train future professionals in Operational Management in any hotel department.

¿Esta formación es para mí?

The Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management programme is addressed to candidates who have succesfully completed High School studies and its final aim is to train future professional

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?

Application process:

Step 1. Candidates must fill in the online application form, with all requested information.

Step 2. After evaluating all applications, Vatel Madrid will invite successful candidates to do the online admision exam and have an interview.

Step 3. Candidates confirm the date when they will be able to take the online admission exams and interview.

Step 4. Candidates will be informed about the results seven days after the Admission Exam.

Step 5. Candidates will be officially enrolled once administrative procedure and payment have been completed.

Requisitos: Requirements: To hold a High School Certificate or equivalent* To pass the Vatel admission exams. *Foreign students will be requested a certificate from the school where the student attended high school or equivalent, entitling the holder to pursue higher education in the country of origin.

Titulación no oficial: Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management, Título certificado por el Estado francés, por decreto ministerial del 1/07/2008 - Título certificado por el Estado francés,

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Calle Marques de la Ensenada 12, 28004, Madrid, España
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Lo mejor Gracias a la experiencia práctica te das cuenta de que la carrera por la que has optado es verdaderamente una gran decisión.

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Curso realizado: Octubre 2013 | ¿Recomendarías este curso? Sí.
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Lo mejor Vatel España nos ha dado los conocimientos necesarios para que el sueño de crear tu propia empresa dedicada al mundo del turismo sea más que factible.

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Curso realizado: Octubre 2013 | ¿Recomendarías este curso? Sí.
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Economía básica
Derechos de imagen
Derechos humanos
Marketing turístico
Cocina profesional
Gestión hotelera
Gestión de restaurantes
Economía internacional
Cocina internacional
Gestión Hostelera y Turística
Marketing Hostelero y Turístico
Recursos Humanos
Informática Economía de la Empresa
Cultura Profesional
Imagen de Sí
Entorno A & B y Hostelero
Aplicaciones prácticas Economía
Revenue Management
Derecho mercantil
Derecho Hotelero
Dirección de Habilidades Directivas


Vatel Madrid
Vatel Madrid
Claustro Profesores

Licenciada en Farmacia y Doctorada en Nutrición por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Cuenta con un Máster en Nutrición Clínica por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Tras obtener el Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica por la UCM, ha impartido formación en Higiene y Seguridad Alimentaria a empresas como Paradores de turismo, Coca-cola, San Miguel, El Gaitero, Granini, Industrias de la Carne de Guijuelo, Bodegas Alverar,


What you will learn

Management: To acquire the vocabulary and basic concepts. To understand the practical aspect of management.

Marketing: To understand the basics of marketing principles and their application.

Computer Science: To discover the world of the Internet and apply the Office tools in hotel management.

Business Economics: To understand the concept of business and its place in the economic environment.

Professional Culture: To understand the art of the profession. To awake curiosity and stimulate the taste for what surrounds us, the gastronomy among other aspects.

Initiation to Food & Beverage: To acquire general knowledge of the Restaurant industry.

Housekeeping: To explain the operation of a department closely related to hotel guests’ comfort, and the importance of control in this key department.

Human Resources: To learn the basic principles which govern Human Resource Management.

Professional Image: To learn to manage one’s image, be aware of yourself, to work on self-esteem and recognise while respecting others.

Nutrition: To know the importance of nutrition in any type of business, how to prepare, cook, serve food and drinks. To develop balanced menus taking into account the recommended nutritional intake for each person.

Enology: To bring the wine world to students, be able to recognise different types of wine, processing, wine-tasting , wine pairing and serving.

French, German or Chinese: To acquire a working level of the language so that you can communicate efficiently and effectively in any international context

Practical Application: To apply theoritical knowledge acquired in class in the different hotel operational departments.

Revenue Management: To provide crucial knowledge, techniques and terminology to maximise revenue and hotel profits while achieving greater profitability.

Información adicional

10 Reasons to study at Vatel Madrid

QUALITY EDUCATION Vatel Spain has teachers, all working professionals who, through proper  teaching methods will guide you towards a successful future.

PRESTIGE Over 30 years of experience, positive results, qualified professionals and industry awards give Vatel its current reputation. In 2010 Vatel Group was awarded with the Worldwide Hospitality Award for Best Professional Success and Best Educational Innovation 

SUCCESSFUL THEORY-PRACTICE COMBINATION Our curriculum alternates, in a balanced way, theoretical courses with internships in prestigious hotel chains. You will complete over 1 year internship during your academic education in hotels in Spain and worldwide.

WE INCULCATE VALUES The philosophy that Vatel instills in its students is based on a traditional method of respect, proactive attitude, rigour and poise that it is highly valued by the Directors of Human Resources of the major hotel chains.

GUARANTEED SUCCESS Vatel studies allow you to achieve rapid incorporation into the labour market. 97% of Vatelian students obtain a job within the first 6 months after graduation.

INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT Studying at Vatel is synonymous with sharing personal and professional experiences with colleagues from different cultures and countries. EXCHANGE PROGRAMME Being a student at Vatel gives you the opportunity of joining our exchange programme between different Vatel schools around the world (we have over 30 schools in 19 countries in five continents).

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES You will participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities that will help you improve your skills through workshops, indoor and outdoor training (paintball or scuba diving), oil and beer tasting, guided visits to renowned wine cellars. 

PERSONALISED WORKING TEAMS Working groups at Vatel are reduced, what facilitates interaction with the teacher, providing quality teaching, adapted to the real needs of the students. 

AT VATEL, YOU ARE THE PROTAGONIST Teachers always available to answer your questions or concerns, either personally or through an online platform. The friendly and personalised service among all members of the Vatel community is a maxim of the School.

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