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Customer Care
Travel and Tourism
Environmental Impact
Tourism Industry
Travel Tourism
Skills and Training
Marketing Mix
Travel Industry


is IGCSE Travel and Tourism Course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain a knowledge and understanding of this subject. You will also find this course extremely valuable if you are looking for a progression route for further training whilst employed.

This course will help students develop an understanding of the travel and tourism industry, providing theoretical knowledge of products, services, infrastructure and transport systems.

If you have looked at the full specification on the Cambridge website, you will have noticed that there are various options including coursework. We will be preparing you only for the examinations options. No coursework is required.

The papers have the following structure:

  • Paper 1: This comprises four scenario-based questions which require candidates to provide short answers (60% of total marks). This exam is largely based on Units 1-4 of the travel and tourism syllabus.
  • Paper 2: This comprises scenario-based questions requiring short answers and is primarily based on Unit 5 ‰ÛÒ Marketing and Promotion (40% of total marks).


This course covers the full Cambridge International Travel and Tourism specification meaning you will not require any further study resources.

Unit 1

Introductions ‰ÛÒ The travel and tourism industry

  • 1.1 Understand and explain the structure of the international travel and tourism industry
  • 1.2 Investigate the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of travel and tourism
  • 1.3 Identify the role of national governments in forming tourism policy and promotion
  • 1.4 Investigate the patterns of demand for international travel and tourism

Unit 2

Features of worldwide destinations

  • 2.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the main global features
  • 2.2 Demonstrate awareness of different time zones and climate
  • 2.3 Investigate travel and tourism destinations
  • 2.4 Identify and describe the features which attract tourists to a particular destination

Unit 3

Customer care and working procedures

  • 3.1 Deal with customers and colleagues
  • 3.2 Identify the essential personal skills required when working in the travel and tourism industry
  • 3.3 Follow basic procedures when handling enquiries, making reservations and receiving money
  • 3.4 Use reference sources to obtain information
  • 3.5 Explore presentation and promotion of tourist facilities

Unit 4

Travel and tourism products and services

  • 4.1 Identify and describe tourism products
  • 4.2 Explore the roles of tour operators and travel agents
  • 4.3 Describe support facilities for travel and tourism
  • 4.4 Explore the features of worldwide transport in relation to major international routes

Unit 5

The Role and Function of Marketing and Promotion In Travel and Tourism

  • 5.1 Role and Function of Marketing and Promotion
  • 5.2 Market segmentation and targeting
  • 5.3 Product as part of the marketing mix
  • 5.4 Price as part of the marketing mix
  • 5.5 Place as part of the marketing mix
  • 5.6 Promotion as part of the marketing mix

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