Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions Law

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Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) are increasingly being used by Indian companies to increase their competitiveness globally and increase shareholder value. A thorough understanding of M&A transactions and the laws governing such transactions is essential to succeeding in the corporate world. This Programme introduces you to the legal and regulatory regime for M&A transactions in India. You will learn about mergers, de-mergers, asset sales, slump sales, and acquisition of securities, and develop a working understanding of mergers and acquisitions law from a foreign exchange regulation perspective.

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M&A is one of the most sought after subjects in law. With this course under your belt, you will know the entire legal framework governing M&A transactions in India and stand out among the crowd at your workplace. Be that critical resource that your boss always looks out for when in trouble. Have the knowledge that calls for an added advantage in the market. A clear understanding of the process will enhance your significance in your workplace as you will be able to oversee transactions with a better perspective.

Requisitos: Be it a management or a finance student, or a fresher in the big corporate world or an experienced professional aiming for the next big step in their career, anybody can opt for this course.

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This Course Consist of the following contents -Unit 1: Understanding Basic Concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions -Learn what ‘mergers’ and ‘acquisitions’ are. Study the bodies governing M&A activity in India. Understand what typical ‘slump sale’, ‘asset sale’, ‘acquisition of shares’, and ‘de-merger’ transactions entail. Unit 2: Understanding the Legal Framework Governing Mergers and De-Mergers -Learn how mergers and de-mergers are treated under Company Law in India. Distinguish the differences and the business rationale for each form of business restructuring. Study the legal framework governing mergers and de-mergers. Unit 3: Understanding the Procedure for Mergers and De-Mergers -Study in detail the procedure for mergers and de-mergers and identify the corporate actions to be taken by any company to implement them. Identify the taxation benefits available to mergers or de-mergers under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Unit 4: Understanding Acquisitions: Acquisition of Securities -Learn more about what an ‘acquisition’ entails and how to carry out an acquisition of shares. Examine the legal framework governing transfer of shares and fresh issue of shares, including a rights issue and a preferential issue of shares. Unit 5: Understanding Acquisition of Assets: Slump Sale -Learn more about ‘slump sale’ as a mode of acquisition of assets and liabilities. Examine the different components of a ‘slump sale’ and legal framework for implementing the same. Unit 6: Understanding Acquisition of Assets: Asset Sale -Learn about the meaning of the term ‘asset sale’, as a mode of acquisition of assets. Understand the difference between an ‘asset sale’ and a ‘slump sale’. Examine the different components of an ‘asset sale’ and legal framework for implementing the same. Unit 7: Examining Foreign Exchange Regulatory Laws-I -Understand the role of foreign exchange laws in mergers and acquisition transactions. Learn more about key foreign exchange legislation, including the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the Consolidated FDI Policy. Examine the role of regulators in foreign exchange transactions. Unit 8: Examining Foreign Exchange Regulatory Laws-II -Examine specific legislations governing foreign direct investment in mergers and acquisitions. Understand procedural and reporting requirements in relation to foreign exchange laws. Study various aspects of foreign exchange laws including valuation and pricing issues. Unit 9: Understanding Overseas Direct Investment -Analyse the legal framework for investment by an Indian resident outside India. Examine specific legislation governing mergers and acquisitions overseas. Unit 10: Understanding the Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 -Examine the Companies Act, 2013 and its impact on M&A transactions. Study all the changes brought about by the new Companies Act, 2013, including provisions of fast-track mergers and acquisition of minority interests.

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This course is made for students and they Get a basic understanding of the M&A process. A thorough understanding of the laws in India associated with this subject. An assured working knowledge of an M&A transaction. Clarity on the various loopholes and legal leeway of structuring of an M&A transaction.
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