Legal, Dynamic, Deterministic Metrology: Metrology within ISO 9000 Conformity

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Malasia), Astana, Kazahkstan (Kazajstán), Cairo, Egypt (Egipto) y 6 sedes más

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If you want to learn everything important about the ISO 9000, this course in Legal, Dynamic And Deterministic Metrology will teach you everything you need to know about quality standards.

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Metrologists; quality engineers and technicians; quality managers; quality control inspectors; testers; engineering managers; manufacturing engineers; machinists; machine operators; measurement specialists; technology educators; instrumentation and control engineers; anyone who requires instruction in measurement; all those interested in metrology.

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Astana, Kazahkstan
Arka Street, 010 000, Kazahstan, Kazajstán
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Cairo, Egypt
Champolion Street, 12421, Egypt, Egipto
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Caracas, Venezuela
Avenue Casanova, 1050, Miranda, Venezuela
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Central London
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Dubai, Uae
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Durban, South Africa
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Quality Policy
ISO Quality
ISO 9000
ISO Audit
ISO certification
ISO quality management systems
ISO requirements
Linear Analysis
Metrology techniques
Measurement Systems
Measuring Equipment
Dimensional Standards
Angular Measurement


General Contents, Concepts and Issues

Module 1: Requirements of ISO 9000 Standards for Test and Measuring Equipment

  1. Introduction to, and Relevance of, Metrology
  2. History of ISO 9000 Standards
  3. Requirements of ISO 9001: 2000

Module 2: Exploring Fundamental Concepts of Metrology

  1. Calibration of Measurement and test Equipment
  2. Recalibration Intervals
  3. Sealing Adjusting Mechanisms
  4. Handling and Storing of Test Measurement Equipment
  5. Documenting Calibration Results
  6. Uncovering Out-Of-Calibration State 

Module 3: Linear and Angular Measurements

  1. Length Measurement
  2. Calibration of Dimensional Standards and Measuring Instruments
  3. ‘Angular’ Measurement

Module 4: Mass Measurements

  1. Primary Standards and SI Units
  2. Secondary and Working Standards
  3. Mass and Weight
  4. Mass Standards
  5. Types and Classes of   Mass Measurement
  6. Industrial Weighing Systems
  7. Accuracy Classes of Balances
  8. Calibration of Balances

Module 5: Pressure Measurements

  1. SI and Other Units
  2. Absolute, Gauge and Differential Pressure Modes
  3. Primary Standards
  4. Spinning Ball Gauge Standard
  5. Secondary Standards
  6. Working Standards
  7. Pressure Measuring Instruments
  8. Calibration of Pressure Standards and Instruments

Module 6: Measurement of Force

  1. SI and Other Units of Measurement
  2. PRIMARY Standard
  3. Secondary Standards
  4. Force Measuring Instruments
  5. Calibration of Force Standards and Test Instruments

Module 7: Measurement of Temperature

  1. SI and Units
  2. Thermodynamic Scale
  3. Practical Temperature Scales
  4. International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)
  5. Industrial Thermometers
  6. Calibration of Thermometers

Module 8: Electrical Measurement Standard

  1. SI Units
  2. PRIMARY Standards
  3. Secondary Standards
  4. Working Standards
  5. Calibration of a Multifunction Calibrator
  6. Calibration of Multimeters and other Instruments

Module 9: Uncertainty of Measurements

  1. Fundamental Concepts
  2. Recommendations of ISO Guide
  3. Examples of Uncertainty Calibrations
  4. Other relevant Issues Associated with Metrology



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£8,000.00  Per Delegate for UK Delivery
£10,000.00  Per Delegate for Delivery outside the UK