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In addition to the weekly videos, what worked best for me is using the accessibility feature in the website and having the computer read me the texts while I take notes – just like being in a live lecture. Sure, it’s about 10-12 hours a week ...

LA OPINIÓN DE Batel Lieberman

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Tipología Master
Metodología Semipresencial
Inicio Jerusalem (Israel)
Duración 1 Year
Inicio clases Octubre 2017
  • Master
  • Semipresencial
  • Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Duración:
    1 Year
  • Inicio clases:
    Octubre 2017

For the dedicated, passionate elite who have not only committed themselves to sharing knowledge, but who wish to climb beyond the everyday challenges of standard Jewish Education at every level, that next step up is now more accessible than ever. The M.A. Jewish Education program offered at the Melton Centre of Jewish Education in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been designed for educators in both formal and informal frameworks who are interested in Jewish Education and its dialogue with the Social Sciences, Educational Philosophy, and Jewish and Israel Education.

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Along with the study of more general subjects like social sciences, curriculum in Jewish Education, formal and informal education, and leadership in education, the Melton Jewish Education Program also gives students a strong background in areas including contemporary Jewry, teaching traditional Jewish texts, Jewish philosophy, and Israel education.

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Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
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Inicio Oct-2017
Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
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Batel Lieberman
Lo mejor In addition to the weekly videos, what worked best for me is using the accessibility feature in the website and having the computer read me the texts while I take notes – just like being in a live lecture. Sure, it’s about 10-12 hours a week that I have to set aside to study, which isn’t much and I study at my pace. I would definitely recommend this program. It is very enriching, of a high academic quality, and very practical. Finally a degree program with professors that really understand the challenges of Jewish Educators today… and with Israel inside.

A mejorar Nothing bad.

Curso realizado: Junio 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?

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Education Studies
Social History
Modern History
Religious Studies
Western Philosophy
Education Sociology
Class Teacher


How Does It Work?

You'll receive all the MA Jewish Education course material immediately following registration, with plenty of time to review it at your convenience.
Two choices for lesson dates:
  •     Fall – class starts October
  •     Spring – class starts March
The first and last semesters will be taught online, with guidance available from your professors.

For the online portion of the course, you will receive set assignments for each week. Your study and work time per week should total not less than 12 hours.

A 6-week intense summer semester will be held on-campus at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. During this period, you will also be participating in related tours once per week.

At the end of the course, in lieu of a test, there will be a graded work assignment of 40 hours.

MA Jewish Education Courses

Spring 2017 - Online
  • Curriculum and the Teaching of Jewish Texts
  • Visions in Jewish Education
  • Israel Education and the Challenge of Zionism in the 21st Century

6-Week Summer Semester in Jerusalem
  • Social Sciences and Jewish Identity
  • Issues in Philosophy and Jewish Education
  • Informal and Experiential Education
  • Jews’ Communities Around the World and Jewish Education
  • Midrash and Talmud: Texts on Education
  • The Philosophical World of the Young and Its Implications for Jewish Education
  • The Place of Israel in Contemporary Jewish Culture and Education

Fall Semester - Online
  • Planning Israel Education in Jewish Education Frameworks
  • Ethics and Jewish Education in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas
  • Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship in Jewish Education

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Fully accredited distance learning program, with an intense 6-week semester in Jerusalem. During the summer: Each week includes 4 very full days of intensive study, including a 1-day guided study tour. Price includes all courses and study materials.  Separate Add-Ons: flight, accommodations and health insurance Also Available: full Israel orientation & acclimatization package with on-call advisors Limited scholarships are available
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