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Find out how to integrate a sustainable development strategy into your company with this free online course.

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04 abril 2016
17 agosto 2016
12 enero 2017
17 marzo 2017

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This free online course will cover the basic definitions and history of sustainable development and sustainability in business - from a niche interest to the present day.

We’ll find out how and why businesses now routinely incorporate sustainable development, via corporate social responsibility policies, product innovation and new business models.

Explore the key drivers to sustainability

We’ll explore the key drivers to sustainability: the use of standards; the importance of stakeholder engagement; governance (including the use of codes of conduct); innovation for sustainability; the use of metrics and indicators; and the application of management tools.

We’ll also touch on international perspectives towards sustainable development and how these impact on business activities around the world.

Influence sustainable development in your own company

The course will help you assess each topic in relation to your own business experiences, whatever sector interests you and wherever in the world you’re based. We’ll explore how you can use your personal interests to influence sustainable development in your company.

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