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    1 Year
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The English edition of the Master in Graphic Design consists of two postgraduate programmes: the Postgraduate in Graphic Design Applied to Communication, and the Postgraduate in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects.

The Spanish edition of the Master in Graphic Design has two mentions: a Mention in Publishing Design and the Mention in Graphic Design Applied to Spaces. You can get the first mention by taking the Postgraduate in Graphic Design Applied to Communication and the Postgraduate in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects. You can get the second mention by taking the Postgraduate in Graphic Design Applied to Communication and the Postgraduate Design Applied to Spaces.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design Applied to Communication is a programme that provides designers with a more global and multidisciplinary view. It is structured in 9 to 12 practical projects which delve into the contemporary designer’s versatility in front of different needs, surroundings, processes and languages. It also includes 3 intensive workshops.

In addition, the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects is a programme specialised in one of the most complex fields of this profession. Moreover, the digital aspect exponentially increases the potential of these editorial projects. It is developed around three big projects at the same time. In a transversal way, with a more intense and brief format, we organise workshops that aim to be aware of how the content defines a publication. The knowledge around the editorial project and all the other supplementary fields (illustration, photography, etc.) are the complements for this course.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

With the aim of enhancing individual students’ skills, this programme focuses its goals on:

Give designers the ability to understand and respond to the multifaceted reality of design.
Make designers feel comfortable and prepared to tackle diverse yet complementary projects, which form the profession's current spectrum.
Encourage designers to have an attitude that enables them to strategically choose the paths less travelled, which are more innovative and outstanding.
Provide an overview of the current outlook from the main players in the profession.
Acquire in-depth knowledge of the various kinds of projects in the publishing world for different kinds of content.
Know who the main players in the publishing world are: recognise their potential and how they complement one another.
Learn the tools and the specific working process of the publishing world.

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Barcelona, España
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Visual Communication
Graphic design
Motion graphics
Advertising graphics
Graphic systems
Identity programmes


1. First block of projects
  • Naming, identity, graphics systems, corporate typography.
  • Providing sound wide-ranging experience of identity programmes as a conceptual basis to address the majority of the typical problems arising in visual communication.

2. Second block of projects
  • Publishing, packaging, signage, data display.
  • Planning and designing information as a mechanism to anticipate and satisfy users’ various needs. Development of effective, understandable and easy-to-use mediums of communication.

3. Third block of projects
  • Advertising graphics, motion graphics, website, interaction.
  • Understanding new digital media as additional and necessary tools when tackling increasingly global and hybrid communication projects in which new parameters such as time, movement, sound, interactivity, immediateness, new media, portability, etc., are added to the parameters of conceptualisation and development involved in graphics projects.

4. Typography consultancy
  • Throughout the course, well-known typography professionals answer questions about the subject which have arisen whilst producing the projects.

5. Conferences and case studies
  • Conferences and/or case studies are scheduled throughout the course with prestigious national and international speakers who provide new views, reflections and references which further knowledge of the exercise of the profession based on their own experiences.

6. Transversal studies: design management
  • There are single-subject sessions throughout the course to impart knowledge on design management, system optimisation and work resources.

7. Transversal studies: constellation of collaborators
  • There are single-subject sessions throughout the course to learn about the professionals who work alongside designers: strategists, programmers, exhibition organisers and architects, etc.
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