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Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces

IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.
En Barcelona

¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?
¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

Información importante

Tipología Master
Lugar Barcelona
Duración 6 Meses
Inicio 25/01/2018
  • Master
  • Barcelona
  • Duración:
    6 Meses
  • Inicio:

Language: English
Would you like to become an expert in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces? If the answer is yes, then this is the right Master for you. The Master is based on designing commercial spaces from a theoretical and practical point of view.
Its goal is to combine theoretical concepts and construction, quotation and material interpretation, in the understanding that design practice exists in relation to contemporary society, to the present. For this matter, some of the main issues it covers are the historical perspective of design, an analysis of the current situation and drawing attention to the history of place.
The Mater takes place in Barcelona, therefore, addresses the commercial space associated with a territory in which the street is the protagonist. Due to the geographical features of our city, and its excellent climate, much use is made of public spaces. Streets and squares are open spaces that oxygenate the urban fabric and provide much-needed “living rooms” for citizens in this highly built-up area.
Over the past few decades, Barcelona has been reshaping its own landscape, which is bounded by its surrounding geographical elements (mountains, rivers and the sea), undertaking various urban projects that address historical needs. In recent years, these transformations have been linked to major events. By making use of this wealth of material, the course deals with the concept of the commercial space in relation to the “street”, taking into account social and political situations to intervene in places that are a part of the public debate.

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Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas

Inicio Ubicación
25 ene 2018
C/ Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, 08012, Barcelona, España
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Inicio 25 ene 2018
C/ Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, 08012, Barcelona, España
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Preguntas Frecuentes

· ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

Faced with the rapid changes in consumer markets, we are bombarded with images, identities, ambiences and lifestyles that often have little to do with the everyday products they represent: in other words, “consumer society”. – Students address the issue of commercial space not as an abstract construction, but as a comment on reality. They undertake projects that are highly realistic and form part of the debate on the regeneration and design of the city. The projects are backed by data provided by the Barcelona City Council’s Department of Architecture. – To have greater contact with the professional world and acquire the necessary tools to tackle the heterogeneity and diversity of programmes and places encompassed within the field of interior design. – By following an integrated programme of practical and theoretical sessions, the participants are assisted from the initial stages of strategy and conceptualisation, through the design process and until final presentation. Particular emphasis is placed on the project’s interdisciplinary aspects, opening new ground to the designer while reinforcing and amplifying previously acquired knowledge. – To focus predominantly on research by learning a methodology and project process. The end result is not a goal in itself, but a vehicle for providing the student with the necessary knowledge and tools to handle any type of multidisciplinary project in the future. Students develop the ability to plan and understand the stages of the work process by alternating both aspects. – The course also draws on the students’ diverse backgrounds in order to further enhance the group’s knowledge.

· ¿A quién va dirigido?

Students will be required to present a graphic portfolio demonstrating their ability to manipulate shapes, and their mastery of design theory. All students admitted must have a qualification in one of the following areas: ‐ Architecture ‐ Engineering ‐ Interior Design ‐ Product Design ‐ Graphic Design ‐ Visual Arts ‐ Landscaping ‐ Social Sciences

· Requisitos

Two exercises are required to be sent: 1. The construction of a space through the cutting and folding (without separating pieces) of an A4 sheet of paper: just one photograph should be presented and an adjective that define the space. 2. Construction of a space of light through the strategic perforation of a foam board box 50x50x50cm: just one photograph should be presented and an adjective that define the space. (More detailed information will be provided during the application process).


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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Proyectos europeos
Trabajo en equipo
Ingeniería industrial
Inglés técnico
Control industrial
Decoración de interiores
Equipos de trabajo
Desarrollo de productos
Inglés comercial
Diseño de Interiores
Estrategias comerciales
El diseño industrial
Investigación empresarial
El espacio comercial
Diseño comercial
El área de proyectos
Desarrollo de proyectos comerciales
Conocimiento histórico
Formación técnica y tecnológica
Inglés a nivel avanzado
El espacio público
La realidad social
Comparativa histórica
Materiales de diseño
Control de calida del proyecto
La construcción
Análisis físico del lugar
Proyectos tecnológicos
Diseño de productos


Module 1: Theory


Module 2: Technology


MODULE 3: Interdisciplinary Curriculum


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