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The Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy for Sports is intended to give physical therapists the skills and resources they need to prevent and treat injuries and enable the rapid recovery of injured athletes in a multidisciplinary team setting.

They will also be able to fulfill the maximum preventative and therapeutic potential of their specialty, and will be qualified to perfect an evidence-based practice.

The goal of the Master's Degree is to train physical therapists in the latest techniques for treating athletes at every level. It is supported by fieldwork at one of the most prestigious sports clubs in the world.

The Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy for Sports lays the methodological foundations for future projects and lines of research, which are vital in the field of health sciences. It also leads to the third stage of training: the PhD.

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Silvia T.
Lo mejor He tenido muchas facilidades por parte de la Universidad. En ningún momento me han puesto ninguna puerta. Dan muy buenas opciones al estudiante en el tema de irse al extranjero. El trato es muy personal, los profesores tienen grupos muy reducidos. Destaco también el trabajo en equipo. Definitivamente, recomiendo esta Universidad.

A mejorar Nada.

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Alexa D.
Lo mejor Me encantaron sus instalaciones, es una universidad super cool.

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Physical Therapy for Sports
Athletic training
Training planning
Sports nutrition
Sports emergencies
Methodology in health sciences
Osteopathy in sports
Muscle chains applied to sports
Therapeutic exercise


Module I. - Basic Sciences

  • Physiological bases of athletic training
  • Training planning
  • Basic fitness training
  • Tendon pathologies
  • Sports traumatology: head, face, spine, upper and lower limb

Module II.- Related Sciences

  • Sports nutrition
  • Applied biomechanics
  • Sports psychology
  • Sports emergencies
  • Nutrition applied to physical therapy

Module III. - Research Methodology and Clinical Documentation

  • Research methodology in health sciences
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • SPSS database management
  • Peculiarities of physical therapy in research
  • Evidence-based physical therapy
  • Scientific publications in the health sciences: databases, search techniques and document retrieval
  • Written and oral scientific communication. Preparing research documents.

Module IV.- Basic Physical Therapy Techniques for Sports

  • Manual functional recovery
  • Massotherapy
  • Articular exploration
  • Functional bandaging
  • Electrotherapy in sports
  • Protocols in physical therapy for sports

Module V.- Advanced Physical Therapy Techniques for Sports

  • Kinesio Taping (Official Certificate KT1-KT2)
  • High and low-load motor control
  • Osteopathy in sports
  • Recovery in the fitness room
  • Myofascial techniques in sports
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Muscle chains applied to sports

Module VI. - Internship at ‘Real Madrid City’ Internship for at least one week and a maximum of three weeks

Module VII. - Master’s Thesis

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