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The purpose of the program is twofold. On the one hand, help the student to acquire deep knowledge in the field of specialization through (a) the monitoring of teaching at an advanced level courses, (b) study the relevant literature, and (c) interaction with faculty members and other students. On the other, the program aims at fostering research skills through (a) the monitoring of specific quantitative and qualitative research courses, (b) small scale investigations in the various courses and / or drafting Master Thesis, and (c) participation in seminars / conferences research content. Generally, the overall aim of the program is to help the student to become an independent thinker and scientist educator.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The course aims to enable understudies: To become more aware and sensitive to fundamental concepts, principles and models of Special Education and (future) energetic teachers in educational practice issues in this area.
Deepen the content and logic of modern trends, theories and research relating to Special Education.
Be informed comprehensively about the scope and content of the forms of special educational needs of the child are the subject of Special Education as well as the interdisciplinary nature in the context of diagnosis, interpreting and dealing in the modern school.
To understand the philosophy, the necessity and implementation strategies of inclusive education in mainstream school and to analyze the possible difficulties of implementation with the current data.
Acquire the necessary scientific background and skills necessary for planning and conducting microscale in the field of Special Education.

¿Esta formación es para mí?

The Course would be very beneficial for the students who want to make their career in following fields as: To seek management position at school level (eg Director, Assistant Director) and / or the Ministry of Education and Culture (eg Inspector).
To work as trainers at the Pedagogical Institute.
Understand academic position at a higher education institution.

Requisitos: Any Graduation

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Year 1 you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Foundation Of Education, 2.Learner And The Learning Process, 3.Psycho Perspective Of Social Development, 4.Sociological Bases Of Education, 5.Methodology Of Educational Research and in Year 2 you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Early Childhood Education, 2.Open And Distance Learning, 3.Vocational Guidance And Counselling, 4.Educational Administration, 5.Curriculum Development. The course aims to enable understudies: To meet and get acquainted with a number psychotechnikon tools used primarily by the multidisciplinary team of each district to identify children with special educational needs and to understand the necessity to pay a collective effort on the part of specialists in this direction. To function in modern school as teachers reporting officers in school unit will serve taking an active role in their teaching practice and consultant colleagues mentor role in solving similar problems (will) face children with special educational needs in the everyday school culture.

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You can also pay in 2 installment yearly wise 1st is $1300 and 2nd is $1200.