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Media Messaging

Media Messaging

Communicating with the media is possibly one of the most challenging interactions that you can have. You can easily lose control of what is done with your recordings and find the way it is sliced and diced bears little relation to the message you wanted to get across.
This dynamic two-day course brings together theory and practise to give participants the skills to respond effectively.

The course covers the two types of messaging:

The messages we send out personally through our body and voice.
The messages we communicate with our words.

This training programme is typically delivered in English.
Translators can be provided at an additional cost. In order to ensure that there is a good balance of theory, discussion and practical work this course requires a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 delegates.

Smaller and larger groups may be accommodated, subject to further discussion. Please contact dancinglion for more information.

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In this customized training programme, you will be guided through the media process and coached to improve and develop your unique style. You will leave feeling confident you can handle the media and represent you and your organization well.

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Business executives
Organizational leaders
Sales executive
Candidates for public office
PR spokespersons
Communications professionals
Experts & Authors

Requisitos: Given that those who attend will have different requirements, participants will be asked to provide information on their media experience and market sector background prior to attending. This knowledge is vital to the success of the practical interviews.

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Interview Techniques
Public Speaking
Interview Skills
Public Relations
Brand Management
Media Advertising
Media Relations
Communication Skills
Media Marketing
Verbal Skills
Interviews and reports for newspapers
Verbal Skills
Verbal Skills


Programme objectives:

Those who attend this course can expect to gain:

Awareness of the impact they create personally and knowledge on how to strengthen their physical and vocal presence when speaking to the media.

An understanding of how to construct and deliver a clear message to the media as well as know how to respond in the moment during a media interaction.

As the course is highly interactive participants are requested to come with a willingness to get fully involved in all three parts:

1. Awareness
Raising awareness of personal impact and offering options to strengthen and enhance personal style and communication effectiveness:

  • What influences and creates personal impact.
  • Delivery of pre-prepared presentation of a key message to camera.
  • Assessment of each person’s impact.
  • Exploring physical expression and learning the art of personal focus.
  • Discovering the art of silence and stillness to help gain authority.
  • Breathing techniques to help calm and create a clear voice.
  • Bringing language to life vocally and learning to land key messages.

2. Messaging
Exploration of media imperatives and how to respond to them. Construction of chosen message and how to stay on message in delivery.

  • Understanding the media.
  • Dynamics of an interview.
  • Preparing your message.
  • Interview techniques.
  • Messaging and traps.

3. Practise
Bringing all ideas and techniques to life with practical media interview sessions. Typically we practise:

  • Studio interviews.
  • Down the line (into camera or telephone) interviews.
  • Media briefings.

Each practical session is videoed and watched back for appraisal, with each participant receiving tailored feedback.

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