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Microsoft Exam 70-485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#

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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Instructor Led Video Training - 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
• Demos and Lab Learning
• Multimedia Presentations and Self-Paced Navigation
• Practice Exam and Test Simulator

COURSE DESCRIPTION Our Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# course provides developers with the knowledge and decision making skills for utilizing C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to develop Windows Store apps, discover and interact with devices, program user interaction and enhance user interfaces, manage data and security, and prepare for a solution deployment. This course provides credit towards the MCSD certification.

This course is designed for developers with two to five years of experience with C# and XAML applications, as well as experience with developing applications in accordance with Windows Store app guidelines.

The primary objectives of this course include:

  • Creating and consuming background tasks
  • Creating and consuming WinMD components
  • Media capture with camera and microphone
  • Gathering data from sensors
  • Enumerating and discovering device capabilities
  • Using contracts and charms to implement printing and Play
  • Implementing Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)
  • UI responsiveness
  • Animations and transitions
  • Creating custom controls
  • Designing Windows Store apps for globalization and localization
  • Data cache implementation
  • Saving and retrieving files from the file system
  • Securing app data
  • Designing and implementing trial functionality in an app
  • Designing for error handling
  • Test strategy design and implementation
  • Diagnostics and monitoring strategy design

We create the highest quality course curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.

COURSE OUTLINE Learning Microsoft 70-485 Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# Course Curriculum

Module 1
Animated World: Animations and Transformations
Ecosystem: Reviewing the World of Windows 8
Getting Around
The Search Feature
Animatedly Speaking: Animations and Transitions
Animation Support
Theme Transitions
The Eight Theme Transitions
Layout Animations
Theme Animations
The Fourteen Theme Animations
Custom Animation
Independent vs. Dependent Animations
Controlling Duration
From and To
Timeline Properties
Animating Storyboards
Property Paths
Storyboards with Timeline Properties
Custom Keyframe Animations
Easing Functions
Manual Animations
It's A Small World: Localization and Globalization
Brand Recognition: Branding your App
Branding Visual Elements
Customizing the Splash Screen
Section Review
Section Lab: Application Animation

Module 2
Where's My Data?: Advanced Data Scenarios
Advanced Data Scenarios: Data
App Data
User Data
Network Data and Other Data Options
Windows Storage API
Caching Data
Blog Reader
Reduce Reuse Recycle: Creating Reusable Controls
Creating Custom Controls
Create A Windows Runtime Component
Section Review
Section Lab: Create a Custom Control

Module 3
A Different Arrangement: Contracts 202
Registering for The Print Contract
Changing Print Options
Custom Print Options
Printing with a Print Button
Pushing: Push Notifications Services
Implementing a Push Notification
Channel URI
Authenticating to WNS
Media: The PlayTo API
Using PlayTo
Web Cam Capture
Camera Capture UI
Background Tasks: An Introduction to Background Tasks
Appropriate Scenarios
Background Task Infrastructure
The Lock Screen
Lifecycle and Background Tasks
Background Task Implementation
Progress Reporting and Cancellation
Re-Association, Updates and Servicing
Host Executable
Background Task Class
Adding a Background Class
Resource Manager and Resource Constraints
Background Task Best Practices
Register a Background Task
Updating Live Tile from Background Task
Section Review
Section Lab: Creating Update Notification for Live Tiles

Module 4
Sensory Overload: Sensors and Different Devices
Sensory Discovery: Windows Sensor Platform
3D Accelerometer
3D Compass
3D Gyrometer
Ambient Light Sensor
Orientation Sensors
Simple Orientation Sensor
A New Sensation: Geolocation
Bing Maps SDK
Providing Directions
Section Review
Section Lab: Create Application for Bing Map SDK

Module 5
Is it Safe?: Revenue and Security
Generating Revenue
Trial Versions
In App Purchases and Advertising
Price Tiers
Getting Paid
Payment Categories
Preparing for Free Trials and In App Purchases
Ads in Apps
The Encryption Keeper
Windows Authentication and Live Connect
Password Vault
Diagnostics: Profiling
Analyzing Sampling Data
Launching a CPU Profiler
Section Review
Section Lab: Add Paid Features
Program Closing