Music & Film Events Manager

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Learn how to organise music and film events! Make your passion a full-time job!
If you love music or film, the opportunities to shape your life and earn your income around your passion are endless and very exciting!

Planning and running a concert or film festival can be a daunting task. These events need responsible, informed and resourceful organisation to ensure smooth operation and enjoyment for everyone involved. Without specific knowledge and skills, they might not get off the ground or could end in disaster.

Before attempting to plan this type of event we strongly advise being fully prepared and informed. Music and Film Events Manager is an excellent resource for gaining a rounded education on all the essential elements to entertainment events based on music and film.

As concerts and film events differ in nature we focus specifically on each event type. We take you through a well structured, detailed training, starting with being clear about your aim and goal. Your learning progression follows in logical stages that mirror the unfolding of an actual event.

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If your passion is for music events, you’ll gain invaluable insight and focused knowledge on essential ingredients to your management process like:

Preparation: Choosing your team, managing your budget and assessing a suitable location/venue and event date(s).
Marketing: Identifying relevant marketing tools and how to generate effective publicity using a variety of mediums.
Support: Establishing fruitful and productive partnerships and attracting sponsors.
Practicalities: Managing performers, equipment, sound systems etc.
Security & Legal issues: Risk management, crowd control, legal requirements.
Logistics: Providing first aid, water, food & drink and ensuring responsible hygiene conditions.
Timeline: An outline of what should happen when.

If you’re enlivened by the film scene, we help you delve into the industry insights that will help you become a confident film event manager:

Preparation: Clarifying your aim, customising your team, choosing the correct structure.
Theme: Identifying the most relevant theme for your festival to meet audience expectations and attract support.
Originality: Helping your festival to stand out.
Programming: Invaluable tips on compiling a winning line up of showings.
Venue: What to consider so you choose the most suitable venue
Practicality: Technical screening considerations.
Marketing/Sales: Using effective resources to generate publicity, engaging partners and sponsors and managing ticket sales and pricing.
Completing this course will give you the grounding, insight and confidence to start planning your dream event. Follow your passion and get started today!

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Sarah Gardner
Lo mejor I am as of now in the business however needed to combine my insight and discover what I may miss. The course clarified the significance of protection and points of interest around what to get secured, and the things to consider in assessing a site substance was great. The target marketing segment was great as well and I preferred that it was feasible at my own particular pace since I am a bustling mother, spouse and entrepreneur.

A mejorar Nothing bad.

Curso realizado: Diciembre 2015 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

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Social Media
Sponsorship management
Events Managment


Module 1: Music Events

1.1.Planning your event incl. team, budget, location, date
1.2.Marketing / Advertising / Publicity incl. website, tickets, sponsors and partners, promotional materials
1.3.Performers & Related Services incl. sound system and equipment
1.4.Security & Legal Matters
1.5.Logistics incl. first aid, food and drink
1.6. Timeline

Module 2: Film Events

2.1.Preparation - Before you start
2.3.The Team
2.6.Festival theme
2.9. Venue
2.11.Ticket sales and pricing

Module 3: Starting your Business

3.2.Availing of Help incl. mentoring, networking, state agencies & grants
3.3.Setting up your business
3.4.Running your business incl. budgeting, cash flow, accounting, banking, insurance, contracts

Module 4: Marketing your Business

4.1.Market research
4.2.Build your brand
4.3.Take advantage of low cost marketing techniques
4.4.Make your website work hard for you
4.5.Use social media widely
4.6.PR and advertising

Module 5: Downloadable resources
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