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Black & White Fine Art Photography & Beyond

Lo mejor I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it. My Online School helped me a lot to improve my professional career opportunities.

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Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman
Lead Expert

Michael Freeman (born 1945[1]) is a British author, photographer and journalist. In 1978 Athens the first book giving him title-credit as a photographer, was published in a Time-Life series called The World’s Great Cities. This was followed by two other books, "Guardians of the North-West Frontier: The Pathans" in 1982 and "Wayfarers of the Thai Forest: The Akha" in 1982, both in the subsequent Time-Life series "Peoples of the Wild". Freeman has had a long working relationship with the Smithsonian magazine, and has photographed 40 stories between 1978 and 2008.[2] One of his main specialisa