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Olé Languages is a professional Spanish language school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere in Spain.

With a maximum of eight students per class the study groups at Olé are smaller than in most other Spanish schools (the average number of students per class is five). Small study groups allow the teacher to focus on the specific needs of each student and give the student more possibilities to practice their Spanish.

Olé Languages offers an excellent quality of teaching to a significantly lower price than the large majority of Spanish schools in Barcelona. 99% of our students evaluated the relation between price and quality at Olé as “Muy Bueno.”

excelente 5/5
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Intensive Spanish Course

Anna Turchaninova
Lo mejor The best thing about that school is that you don't feel time. That feeling that you just came in and next moment already have to leave. Never enough!

A mejorar I can't find that thing. I like all in it.

Curso realizado: Agosto 2015 | ¿Recomendarías este curso? Sí.
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