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Metodología Online
Horas lectivas 50 horas de estudio
Duración 60 Days
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Campus online
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  • Curso
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  • 50 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    60 Days
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  • Campus online
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During this course, you’ll learn all the technical, creative and personal skills you need to help clients make the most of their appearance and be a style guru. You’ll get an in depth knowledge of the history of fashion and discover where familiar trends started. We’ll tell you about the influential designers that shape the world of fashion and how to keep up with the most recent changes. Having this strong foundation in the development of fashion through the past decades really helps identify how to suit particular styles to individual clients.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

To respectfully help your client to develop a positive self image.
To assess all body shapes, use fashion to streamline outlines to achieve flattering proportions and identify what to avoid.
The full range of color tones in skin, hair and eyes and how to enhance each to achieve amazing effects.
How to advise on personal grooming, skin and hair care.
To work with clients personal style and recognize which areas need improving.
These skills are invaluable if you already work in the fashion world or if you’re plan a career there.

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Fashion Styling
Fashion Promotion
Hair and beauty
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Stylist
Fashion trends
Personal Shopper


Module 1: Profession of a Personal Shopper
What is a Personal Shopper?
Types of Personal Shopper
Colour analysis
Body shape
Hair and Make Up

Module 2: Planning advice
Personal analysis of your client : interview and questionnaire
Wardrobe analysis
Basics of a wardrobe
Complementary accessories 

Module 3: Fashion and trends
Fashion history
International fashion

Module 4: Communication and protocol
Social Events
Social Protocol

Module 5: Career guidance
Career Promotion and marketing: how to attract customers

Module 6: Understand consumer behaviour and excel in customer service
Understanding consumer motivation
Consumer attitudes
The consumer decision process
Seduce customers with excellent service
Build long term relationships with customers
After sales service – handling complaints and returns
Typical complaints and how to handle them
Staying cool under pressure – dealing with challenging situations

Module 7: Make your shop a magnet to customers
Put your Personal Shopper and Stylist skills to full use
Up sell with hair and makeup styling
Selling accessories
Working with your clients budget
Selling tips to help identify your customers’ needs
Ideas to grow your retail presence
In store tips that boost sales
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