Political Processes: Public Policy Formulation and Administration

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Milan, Italy (Italia), Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holanda), Brussels, Belgium (Bélgica) y 7 sedes más

£ 4.000 - (4.692 )

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Suitable for: Political Science Graduates, Political Analysts, Political Science Lecturers, Government Officials and Employees, Employees and Officials of Nongovernmental Organisations (NGOs), Employees and Officials of Multinational Corporations (MTCs), Members and Officials of Political Parties, Politicians, Political Advisers, Paralegals, Court Employees and Legal Journalists

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Damrak 1-5, 1012, Noord Holland, Holanda
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Brussels, Belgium
Rue du Fosse-Aux-Loups, 1000, Bélgica, Bélgica
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Cairo, Egypt
Champolion Street, 12421, Egypt, Egipto
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Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Inglaterra
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Dubai, Uae
Al Muraqqabat Street, Diera, 82999, Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
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Durban, South Africa
Walnut Road, 40001, Johannesburg, Sudáfrica
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Political Science


Limited Contents:

Public Policy, Power and Decision

  • Public Policy
  • Approaches to the Study Public Policy
  • Types of Public Policies
  • Stages of the Policy Process
  • Issue Identification
  • Problem Definition
  • Specification of Alternatives
  • Policy Selection
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Policy Impact Analysis
  • Policy Prescription
  • Public Policy Decision Making
  • The Elite Approach
  • The Class Approach
  • The Pluralist Approach
  •  The Group Approach
  • Comparison of the Approaches