PR Public Relations

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Tipología Short course
Metodología Online
Horas lectivas 30 horas de estudio
Duración 60 Days
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Campus online
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  • Short course
  • Online
  • 30 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    60 Days
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  • Campus online
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All of the wisdom and knowledge compiled in this course comes from industry professionals who have been there, done that and told the story. When you take this course, you are not just given advice and knowledge but insider tips that you can only get from years of experience. This course offers invaluable skills and strategies that will give you an advantage in the fast paced world of media and public relations.

If you are organized, thoughtful and creative, a career in PR could be the perfect fit for your talents and lifestyle. When you combine your natural skills with an in depth knowledge of PR, you will have everything you need to get your story in front of the cameras.

Real world experience from real world specialists

This course combines all the experience of established PR specialists to give you what you need to have a solid foundation in public relations.

In this course, we teach you about PR as it used to be and PR as it is today. We offer the insight that you need to take away the best of both worlds and excel in a world of likes and viral news. The

Modules include the most essential parts of PR training and offer exercises to do to make sure you’ve mastered the craft.

Become the face of the future of public relations. Get started on the Public relations course today

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A career in PR is a dynamic career in a world that never sleeps. Whether your work for an agency or on your own, you will discover a career that gives you the chance to meet people you would never have expected and do different things every day. The IOA gives you the theoretical and practical tools that you need to hit the ground running in PR. You will learn:

The best ways to make friends and contacts
How to connect with journalists
Why you need a PR strategy
The best ways to create a solid strategy
All the tools you need to reach the media
How to build a media calendar
How to build a press kit that creates excitement
How to tell the story of your client’s brand

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Strategic Management
Public Relations
PR Strategy
PR training
Human Behaviour


Module 1: PR 101: Public Relations and Human Relations
Introduction to Public Relations
Making Friends vs. Making Contacts
Connecting with Journalists

Module 2: Creating a PR Strategy
What a PR Strategy Is & Why You Need One
Setting Goals
Speaking to Your Audience
Finding and Using the Right Channels
Measuring Your Results

Module 3: PR Tools
Tools to Reach the Media
Tools to Measure Success
Building a Media Calendar

Module 4: Building Your Press Kit
What You Need in Your Press Kit
How to Create a Media Release
How to Choose Press Photos
Compiling an FAQ Sheet
A Guide to Including Videos

Module 5: Creating Your Brand’s Story
Product, Purpose and Passion
How to Think Like a Journalist
How to Create Stories the Media Will Love
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