Shrubs: Making the Most of Them in Your Garden

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Shrubs are the backbone of planting design. They provide essential structure, beauty and colour from foliage and flowers, texture and a great variety of shape and form in the planting palette. Shrubs are tipped to be the big thing this year in garden design - particularly the use of fragrant shrubs. Garden Designs without shrubs tend to look strangely immature and lacking. This course delivers essential advice on selection of the right shrubs for any garden design situation. You will also learn the practical aspects - the simple secrets of pruning, and how to plant and care for your shrubs for best results.

Foliage is the foundation of good planting and shrubs deliver leafy colour in both deciduous and evergreen form. Learn how to use shrubs to create simple but effective planting combinations for designer impact in any garden. If you select wisely the shrubs in your garden can create all-year round interest year after year. This course tells you what to choose for just about every situation in your garden, and at any time of the year.

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This gardening course will empower you to choose the right shrubs for your planting design. It will also ignite passion for an area of planting that is rarely used to its optimum potential.

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Each lesson starts with a video from your expert tutor, which you can watch whenever you like. When you’re ready, you can practice what you’ve learned with an assignment which unlocks the next lesson.

1.   1  The Role of Shrubs and How to Use Them  ~30 mins 2 hours

How to select the right shrub for a situation and a guide to buying the best plants. Giving your shrubs the best possible start in your garden; how and when to plant them.

2.   2  Caring For Your Shrubs  ~30 mins 2 hours

How and when to prune flowering and foliage shrubs to control shape, size, foliage quality and flowering. Feeding your shrubs: how, when and why.

3.   3  Hard Working Foliage Shrubs - The Foundation for Good Planting  ~30 mins 2 hours

The importance of shrubs for structure in gardens of all sizes. Maintaining a colour scheme with foliage throughout the year and creating exciting planting combinations.

4.   4  Shrubs For Interest Throughout The Year  ~30 mins 2 hours

A pick of the best shrubs that will work hard in your garden to deliver colour, texture and form in every situation, including sun, shade, clay, chalk and in pots and containers.


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Take your time, or do it all at once, it’s up to you

Want to do this when the kids have gone to sleep? That’s fine. Or prefer to do it all in one weekend, that’s fine too. As soon as you’ve started your course you will have access to your first lesson. Each lesson has one video and an optional assignment. As soon as you’ve submitted your first assignment that unlocks the next video. But don’t worry if life gets in the way, and you don’t get a chance to finish your assignment, we’ll always release your next video after a week so you can still get access to the expert advice. Each video of around 30 minutes long and assignments tend to take about 1-2 hours
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