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My favourite thing about the job is every day when I meet one of my own people and they say “thank you” or “you really helped me”. At the end of the day I know that I have done something to save their lives or change it for better. I'd recommend ...


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If you enjoy working with people, thrive on the unexpected and want to make a difference in their lives, social work could be the career for you. Our degree course is nationally recognised and will prepare you for work in this rewarding area. Social work is about empowering people and supporting them towards being independent. Social workers help people to function, participate and develop in society.

Our course provides the knowledge, values and skills you will need to qualify as a social worker. But social work isn’t just about what you learn: it’s also about who you are. You will need qualities such as patience, honesty, sensitivity, tolerance, persistence and sound judgement.

As a student, you will train to assess people’s circumstances and needs. Working alongside other professionals, you will plan, provide, review and evaluate services. You will become skilled in problem-solving, and understand how to set up supportive activities with individuals, families, groups and communities. Learning to assess the risks facing vulnerable children or adults, and how to set up and measure protection plans for them will be key. You will also gain a thorough understanding of your legal powers and duties.

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Our course is approved by the HCPC, which makes it a professional qualification in social work. When you graduate, you’ll be able to apply to register with the HCPC as a social worker.

As a social worker, you’ll be at the forefront of helping the people most in need. You could work with a range of people, who are facing a range of issues, in a public, private or charitable organisation. You could even work independently. Increasingly, social workers work closely in teams with professionals from other disciplines. Your placements will have given you experience of working both with adults and children, by the end of the course you will have a better idea of the area you are most interested in.

Our course will prepare you for working in a variety of settings, many of which can be as rewarding as they are challenging. You’ll learn to work safely and within the law, and develop a wide range of transferable skills, including case management and communication skills. Examples of settings our graduates work in include the YMCA, learning disability charities, family centres and county or city councils. Different services our graduates are involved in are adult safeguarding, youth offender, adult in needs, children protection, fostering and adoption. Read our graduates' employability case studies for more details.

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Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT, Cambridgeshire , Inglaterra
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Bishop Hall Lane, CM 1sS, Essex, Inglaterra
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Zahraa Adam
Lo mejor My favourite thing about the job is every day when I meet one of my own people and they say “thank you” or “you really helped me”. At the end of the day I know that I have done something to save their lives or change it for better. I'd recommend this course because it prepares you not only for the job, but for the lifestyle. It helps you grow and it opens your mind. Everything about you changes so you can be a better person as a whole.

A mejorar Nothing negative.

Curso realizado: Mayo 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?
Hannah Madsen
Lo mejor I had a chat with some lecturers when I came on the opening day. I also attended some social work talks. The campus is really modern. I would recommend this course to other people if they have a real passion for working with service users or just helping people. You try to improve people's life. I’d describe this course as intense, motivating and enjoyable.

A mejorar Nothing negative.

Curso realizado: Mayo 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?

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Social Worker
Social Work
Volunteer training
Decision Making
IT for adults
Social Policy
Adult Education
Communication Skills
Workplace Skills
Adult care
Social Change
Social Science
Work regulations


Modules & assessment

Year one, core modules
  • Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice
  • Ethics, Values and the Legal Context of Social Work
  • Knowledge, Evidence and Practice
  • Communication Skills and Key Theories Applied to Social Work Practice
  • Social Work in Society
Year two, core modules
  • Social Work with Adults
  • Social Work with Children and Families
  • Powers, Duties and Accountability in Social Work
  • Practice 1: Communications Skills and Partnership Working
  • 70-day placement
Year three, core modules
  • Wellbeing Across the Life Course
  • Transition into Professional Practice
  • Practice 2: Analytical Thinking and Decision-Making
  • 100 - Day Placement
  • Undergraduate Major Project
Please note that you will need to complete all of the above core modules. This course does not have any optional modules. Modules are subject to change and availability.Assessment

Assessments are your opportunity to show the skills and knowledge that you are gaining in your journey to become a social worker. We use a variety of assessment methods which include assignments, presentations, learning journals, portfolios, patchwork texts (short pieces of writing, or ‘patches’, built up week-by-week), poster design and placements.

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