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In carrying out your role as a sales person, one of your key activities will be to work as part of a team. Bear in mind that your organisation will have precise goals that it must achieve in order to survive in today’s highly competitive business environment. Not achieving these goals will result in business failure. One of the most crucial activities, which will assist in ensuring business success, is to be an effective and efficient member of the teams you work in. In doing so you will provide added value to your organisation in four principal ways: Firstly, you need to build the right relationship with all the colleagues you work with. Be aware that the meaning of “colleagues” in this sense includes all the people you work with, including customers and external staff, such as contractors. The two key points here are: 1. Adopting the right attitude. 2. Treating people with respect.
Having the right attitude when you work with people is essential, as is treating people with respect. This applies to whomever you come into contact with, whether it is a major account customer or your organisation’s cleaning staff.

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Any team is only as strong as its weakest member. This module is designed to give you a structured approach which will help you be aware of, and improve, your inter-personal skills. A framework is designed which gives guidelines on how to develop a positive professional working relationship with your colleagues. The module also helps you value others and yourself. Guidelines are given on how to provide market intelligence for the team’s sales plans, the importance of your sales aids and your duty of care in relation to health and safety.

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The Content of this course is Divided into 4 Units Are as Follows- Unit 1: Building the right relationship with colleagues -A framework is designed to help you develop a positive professional relationship with all the members of your team. The unit gives guidelines on how to improve your inter-personal skills and on how you should respect colleagues’ opinions and behave towards them. Certain standards are set that you need to follow, including challenging inappropriate behaviour. The unit will also enhance your standing within the team, enabling you to enjoy a position of trust and respect. Unit 2: Contribute to your duty of care under health and safety -A framework is designed to help you with health and safety issues. Guidelines are given for dealing with issues such as hazards and potential hazards, not only at your premises but also at your customers’ premises. The unit gives advice regarding the procedures and documentation requirements for incidents such as emergencies or accidents. The unit also covers your overall responsibility to carry out your job with health and safety in mind. Unit 3: Contribute to the care of sales aids for the team -A framework is designed to help you appreciate the importance of contributing to "product preciousness", which means that all the equipment you use to present yourself and your organisation is in excellent condition. This in itself is one of the keys to enhancing the corporate image of your organisation. Guidelines are given on the standards to follow regarding the operation and care of sales aids, including any relevant administration that is required. Unit 4: Provide market information for colleagues -All decisions need to be based on market information. A framework is designed which helps you provide market intelligence for the team’s sales plans. The unit gives guidelines on the relevant sources of information you need to research, such as your customers and competitors. Advice is also given on areas such as collecting and analysing information and how the team can use this information for their sales activities. The unit will help you produce valuable market information for the team.

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