The Ultimate Art of Delivering Presentations and Training Bundle, 3 Courses

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Confidently deliver Training and Presentations  This course bundle can benefit anyone who presents; a trainer, a meeting facilitator, speaker, or seminar discussion leader. No matter which role you are assuming, this Course will help you become more efficient and proficient with the skills of providing information to others. Covering everything from writing your first needs analysis to running the presentation itself, this course bundle will equip you with the skills and confidence to organize and host successful and professional presentations that get your message across whether you're pitching an idea, making a sale or sharing knowledge with your team. Our Train-The-Trainer course will provide you the skills to help you deliver engaging and compelling workshops. Skills such as facilitating, needs analysis, and managing tough topics will give you what you require to become a trainer. Self-confident and assertiveness are two skills that are crucial for success in life. If you don't feel worthy, and/or you don't know how to express your self-worth when communicating with others, life can be very painful. These skills will provide opportunities and benefits in your professional and personal lives. For a comprehensive list of what courses are included in the bundle simply click the units of study tab. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, get started with Courses For Success today! Course Fast Facts: Courses are easy to follow and understand Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required per course Unlimited lifetime access to course materials Study as many courses as you want Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time Download printer friendly course content Certificates (IAOTS Accredited) Course Delivery Upon enrolment an automated email will be sent, advising you of our...

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Requisitos: Entry requirements Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Minimum education Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course. Computer requirements Students will need access to a computer and the internet.  Minimum specifications for the computer are: ...

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Body Language
Presentation Skills
Communication Skills
Communication Training
Assertiveness Training
Confidence Training
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The Art of Delivering Presentations and Training Course Bundle consists of the following courses:

Course 1 - Certificate In Presentation Skills Online Course


  • Create and Deliver Compelling Presentations
  • Creating the program
  • Performaing a needs analysis
  • Writing the basic outline
  • Researching, writing and editing
  • Choosing your delivery methods
  • Basic & advanced delivery methods
  • Verbal Communication skills
  • Listening and hearing, they aren't the same thing
  • Non-verbal Communication skills
  • Body language
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Preparing mentally
  • Physical relaxation techniques
  • Appearing confident in front of the crowd
  • Creating fantastic flip charts
  • Creating compelling powerpoint presentations
  • Wow em with the whiteboard
  • Traditional and electronic whiteboards
  • Using colors appropriately
  • Vibrant videos and amazing audio
  • Pumping it up a notch
  • Make them laugh a little
  • Encouraging discussion
  • Dealing with questions

Course 2 - Certificate In Train The Trainer Online Course

  • Deliver Engaging and Compelling Workshops
  • What makes a good training course?
  • The ‘perfect’ training course
  • So just what is training?
  • Mini Quiz:
  • A trainer’s various hats
  • The Learner
  • The Active Learner, the Reluctant Learner and the Passive Learner
  • What contributes to a poor learning experience?
  • How people learn?
  • What makes a good learner?
  • Learning theories & learning styles
  • Handling groups
  • Basics of Training Delivery
  • Activities in the training room
  • Activities in the training room: Designing a Short Session
  • Exploring Training Methods and Techniques
  • Demonstrations
  • Giving instructions
  • Energisers and refreshers
  • Anecdotes, or stories
  • The Trainer
  • Presentation & feedback skills for trainers
  • Negative feedback, or constructive criticism
  • Presentation skills in the training room
  • Picking up on signs from the learner (body language)
  • Finally, evaluating your training
  • Training Resources
  • Personal action plan and course evaluation

Course 3 - Certificate In Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Online Course

  • What does self-confidence mean to you?
  • What is Assertiveness?
  • What is Self-Confidence?
  • The Four styles
  • Obstacles to our goals
  • Types of negative thinking
  • Personal Application
  • Communication skills
  • Listening and hearing; they aren't the same thing
  • Asking questions
  • Body language
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Identifying your worth
  • Creating positive self-talk
  • Identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses
  • The importance of appearance
  • The role of body language
  • First impressions count
  • It's how you say it
  • Sounding confident
  • Using "I" messages
  • Powerful presentations
  • What to do when you're on the spot
  • Using STAR to make your case
  • Building rapport
  • Expressing disagreement
  • Coming to consensus
  • Coping techniques
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
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