Accessories & Jewelry Design

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Horas lectivas 30h
Duración 45 Days
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Our online accessory and jewelry design course will provide you with knowledge in various aspects of the market such as handbags, shoes, jewelry and the tricks you need not only to survive in this industry but to thrive in it.

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You will be able to learn the following from our online accessory and jewelry design course:

How to identify and meet the needs of your clients
How to understand the accessory and jewelry industry and how to stay relevant in it
How to be a great accessory and jewelry designer
How to start and manage your business
How t come up with unique designs for your business
How to get inspiration for unique designs
How to make use of networking to help your business thrive

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Jewellery Design


Module 1 : Jewelry design
History of jewelry
Jewelry making techniques
Concepts of jewelry design
Changes and trends in jewelry design
How to design jewelry for clients

Module 2 : Handbag design
Types of accessories
Understanding your clients’ needs
Process involved in a handbag collection
Tricks of becoming a successful handbag designer
Composition materials

Module 3 : Belt and Shoe design
Types and materials for belts
Shoe trends through the ages
Choosing shoes for different functions
Unique shoe designs
Networking in the jewelry and accessories design world

Module 4 : Application Introduction to colored stones
Design and sketching
The importance of jewelry
Identification of jewelry
How to choose accessories for your clients

Module 5 : Jewelry business
Ring sizing
How to launch a career in jewelry
How to get inspiration for your jewelry designs
Branding and marketing of your Jewelry business
Staying relevant in the industry
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