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Acne Treatment & Care

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Usually acne is not any kind of serious threat to your health, but it can be emotionally difficult to deal with, and can also leave scarring. Those suffering from acne can have a hard time working out why they have acne or what they can do to get rid of it.

This course will provide you with plenty of information about the causes of acne and show you a wide array of treatment options and advice for lifestyle and diet changes, all backed up by research.

Learn how to treat and manage acne with this comprehensive course on Acne Treatment.

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You’ll develop a firm understanding of:

Different elements of a skincare routine, and which products, both natural and commercial, might be able to help
How your diet might be contributing toward your acne and the steps you can take to improve your diet and your skin
How habits such as sleep patterns, exercise, makeup, hairstyles and drinking patterns can affect your acne and what you can do to turn things around
The different underlying causes of acne and hints to detect which type yours might be
Different medications, their effectiveness and their side-effects, so you can make an educated decision

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Skin Care
Beauty Treatments
Skin lightening
Skin treatments
Self care
Acne care
Beauty Theraphy


Module 1 : Understanding acne
What is acne
Causes - Hormones
Causes - Diet and digestion
Causes - Lifestyle
Causes - Genetics

Module 2 : Skincare routine
Product types
Natural remedies
Skincare advice
Caveman regimen

Module 3 : Medications
Pros and cons of medication

Module 4 : Diet
Links between diet and acne
Foods to avoid
What to eat
Gluten and other allergies

Module 5 : Lifestyle
Makeup and hairstyles
Drinking habits
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