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Acupressure Diploma Course

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What Will You Learn?
Discover the theories, practices and techniques of acupressure – an ancient Chinese healing therapy that targets blockages in the flow of ones Chi, to eradicate illness or discomfort from the body. Learn how acupressure works, how to apply the therapy, and the steps to take to open a business helping clients to overcome their conditions.
Acupressure is based on the concept of life energy (also known as Chi or Qi), which flows through the body along pathways known as meridians. The belief is that many of the discomforts or even diseases that we suffer with are a result of blockages occurring in these meridians, causing a negative effect to the flow of our life energy. Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique that identifies specific points on the body (known as acupoints) where the flow of our life force is being hindered and, rather than using needles as acupuncture does, uses precise finger placement to apply pressure to these areas to unblock the pathway, freeing up the flow of life force and relieving symptoms.
It is particularly effective in the relief of stress-related ailments and preventive health care for boosting the immune system. It releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain, and develops spirituality and can be applied to the self, as well as others.
Studying the Acupressure Diploma Course, you will learn exactly what this ancient practice is and the how it works, the theories behind it, what the different types of acupressure are, common ailments that can be helped with the treatment, and the precautions you should take when applying acupressure..
The problem many people have when contemplating an Eastern alternative medicine, such as acupressure, is that they compare it with Western medicine, but the two are so different they become incomparable. The Acupressure Diploma Course highlights the differences between the philosophies and practices of the two approaches and presents the benefits of merging the two...

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Lo mejor: Whether you are deciding to dip your toe into further education or your a seasoned learner you will find C. O. E the perfect place to be. I undertook my first of many courses with them recently and I found them to be professional and informative at all times.
A mejorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Abril 2018
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Lo mejor: I was also thrilled that I passed with a distinction! I would highly recommend this school. The courses are affordable especially with the sale codes they offer, Making continued education fun and possible! You can work at your own pace on your own schedule.
A mejorar: -
Curso realizado: Julio 2018
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David M
Lo mejor: I would recommend the COE to anybody who would like to advance themselves via distance learning. I passed my Tarot Diploma course with a distinction and enjoyed it immensely, my wife and I now have a further two courses.
A mejorar: All ok
Curso realizado: Abril 2018
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Alternative Medicine


Module 1 - Introduction to Acupressure

  • Part 1: What is Acupressure?
  • Part 2: The Acupressure Model
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2 - Acupressure and its Uses

  • Part 1: How Does Acupressure Work?
  • Part 2: Acupressure and Chinese Medicine
  • Part 3: Applying Acupressure
  • Part 4: Which Health Problems Benefit From Acupressure?
  • Part 5: Are There Any Precautions With Acupressure?
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 - Regulatory Bodies for Acupressure in the United Kingdom

  • Part 1: Some Regulatory Bodies for Acupressure in the UK
  • Part 2: Summary
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 - Eastern and Western Approach to Health

  • Part 1: The Eastern and Western Approach to Health
  • Part 2: Why are Eastern and Western Treatments So Different?
  • Part 3: Integrative Medicine
  • Part 4: What are the Tools of Integrative Medicine?
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 – The Five Elements Theory

  • Part 1: The Five Elements Framework
  • Part 2: A Comprehensive Template Reflecting Natural Law
  • Part 3: A Theory of Connection and Interaction
  • Part 4: Five Elements Pathology and Clinical Applications
  • Part 5: Diagnosis According to the Five Elements Theory
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6 – Acupressure Techniques, Treatments and Therapeutic Areas

  • Part 1: Techniques and Treatments
  • Part 2: Meridian Systems
  • Part 3: Main concepts
  • Part 4: The Organs in the Twelve Standard Meridians
  • Part 5: Emergency Treatments
  • Part 6: Human Energy Fields
  • Part 7: First and Second Level of the Human Energy Field
  • Part 8: Third and Fourth Level of the Human Energy Field
  • Part 9: Fifth Level of the Human Energy Field
  • Part 10: Sixth and Seventh Level of the Human Energy Field
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7 – Common Acupressure Points and Their Uses

  • Part 1: Ten Highly Effective Acupressure Points
  • Part 2: Common Acupressure Points, Effects and Indications
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8 – How to Run an Acupressure Session

  • Part 1: How to Prepare Your Clients for an Acupressure Session
  • Part 2: Client Consultation
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9 – Acupressure Case Studies

  • Part 1: The Canadian College of Acupressure
  • Part 2: Canadian Acupressure College: Chair Massage Case Study by Alison Schwarz
  • Part 3: The Massage Therapy Foundation
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10 - Starting and Running your Acupressure Specialist Business

  • Part 1: How to Start Your Acupressure Business
  • Part 2: The Necessary Qualifications/ Experience Needed to Start Your Acupressure Business
  • Part 3: Marketing Your Business
  • Part 4: How to Charge Your Clients
  • Part 5: Dealing with Competition in the Acupressure Therapy Industry
  • Module 10 Assessment

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