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Adult Intensive English

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BLS English, Bury Language School
En Bury St. Edmunds (Inglaterra)

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Bury st. edmunds (Inglaterra)
Duración 2 Weeks
  • Curso
  • Bury st. edmunds (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    2 Weeks

Improve oral fluency in English. Build vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Improve accuracy in the use and understanding of written and spoken english. Provide students with an opportunity to learn about other cultures through pair and group work. Improve ability to work both independently and also in groups.
Suitable for: Students who want to quickly improve their level of English as part of a small mixed nationality group.

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Requisitos: Placement Test to check which level is best. This test is free.


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Bury St. Edmunds
147 Kings Road, IP33 3DJ, Suffolk, Inglaterra
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Bury St. Edmunds
147 Kings Road, IP33 3DJ, Suffolk, Inglaterra
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Thi Ninh
Lo mejor: Approachable and friendly staff. Many of my guests wish to come back since Bury is lovely.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Noviembre 2016
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Christina Kinzner
Lo mejor: Awesome place, people, teachers and staff. Very thankful!
A mejorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Septiembre 2016
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Lo mejor: We are from Vietnam and have been working with BLS School since 2012 and will never stop because they are the best language school we have found. They have helpful leaders and highly professional teachers. Besides, the school cares about students –they choose the best host families for them.
Curso realizado: Octubre 2015
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English Language
English Conversation


Adult Intensive English

General English Course Content:

  • Specific (remedial) language points depending on group needs: for instance, present perfect, idioms or phrasal verbs, article use (definite vs. indefinite article or zero article vs. definite article); use of prepositions; spelling guidelines).
  • Vocabulary development, at the appropriate level, with relevant developmental feedback.
  • Speaking practice in pairs; in groups and as a whole class, with targeted developmental feedback. Typically, attention will be paid to situational dialogues (e.g. in shops, banks, work etc); discussion of current issues; giving personal information; talking about self and personal experiences; talking about own culture; comparing own culture with that of classmates and/or British culture; expressing points of view; agreeing/disagreeing; politeness strategies.
  • Writing practice - both in class and for homework, with appropriate, developmental feedback. Typically attention will be paid to letters (formal and informal); e-mails; descriptive writing; notes.
  • General writing skills: sentence formation; spelling; punctuation; paragraphing; coherence; cohesion; linking devices.
  • Listening practice - in-class and as homework, with appropriate, developmental feedback and supportive advice.
  • Reading practice - in-class and for homework, with appropriate, developmental feedback and supportive advice.
  • Grammar: each level will develop students' grammar by presenting and practising new structures (where appropriate) and by helping students to develop both their fluency and accuracy in their use of English grammar. Students will sometimes be given grammar exercises for homework.
  • Pronunciation work, with targeted feedback, according to level and identified needs.
  • Presentation skills and practice, with targeted feedback, if deemed appropriate for the level and expressed group needs.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of progress through appropriate progress/ achievement tests.
  • Support and advice on independent learning & available resources.
  • Independent Study/Guided Learning: As part of the General English course, students are expected to study for around 10 hours per week outside the 15 hours per week of class time. This could involve homework, projects or self study.
  • Support and advice on personal development planning to help (using student tutorials) exploit national/local resources. 

Courses are mornings only (15 hours) or both mornings and afternoons (24 hours).
You will use the latest course books and learn through interesting discussions and traditional grammar approaches.
Pronunciation is also a major part of each lesson.

Accommodation is not included. See for accommodation fees. (



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