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Advanced Oil Trading and Price Risk Management

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Horas lectivas 27h
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  • 27h
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Upon the completion of the course each participant will be issued by International Business House Certificate fully accredited by British Energy Institute's approvals panel. 24 CPE credits awarded for this course.

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Requisitos: Course will be held in Dubai from 26th to 28th of November 2014. This comprehensive course is comprised of an intensive 3-day programme that will provide delegates with advanced trading techniques applicable to the management of price risk in international oil trading. The course is designed to build an in-depth understanding of hedging instruments and how to use them to manage the price risks involved in oil trading in different markets.

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Risk Management
Risk manager
Risk Strategy
Advanced Oil Trading
Price Risk Management


DAY 1 - 26 November

  • Understanding exposure
  • The long and short of it
  • Hedging in trading
  • Futures contracts
  • Hedging with futures
  • Swap contracts
  • Hedging with swaps

DAY 2 - 27 November

  • The specifics of crude oil price risk
  • Brent / Dubai and Oman futures
  • Futures, forwards and CFD's
  • Locking in time value on cargoes
  • The differential risk and Ural hedging
  • Quick review of freight values
  • Setting up arbitrage positions to the East

DAY 3 - 28 November

  • Product price risk
  • Swaps and futures for products
  • Trading EFP's in European markets
  • Arbitrage positions and how to manage them
  • Trading EFS's
  • Crack spread trading

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Advanced Oil Trading and Price Risk Management
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