Aprender innovación estratégica a través del diseño

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IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.

Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy

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IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.
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¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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Inicio 17/01/2019
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Language: English
The Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy focuses on the design and innovation methodologies for the identification of new business opportunities to create tangible value solutions.

Global trends such as technological changes, population growth, demographic change, resource scarcity and climate change pose significant challenges for companies worldwide. A strategy based on innovation is a way, if not the only one, to achieve sustainable economic growth in the long term. Design is one of the key business tools that can promote, foster and facilitate innovation.

Design can help transform organisations, from influencing their business model to identifying new opportunities. Design & innovation methodologies can be applied from conception to development of new products and services, to its communication and/or customers’ relationships.

Design as a tool for innovation, integrated into the overall business strategy can become a key asset in the development of sustainable business models over time.This requires having professionals trained in specific skills, able to manage the design / innovation process, understood as a strategic business tool.

In collaboration with renowned companies, the course is oriented to apply the tools and knowledge in real environments and real challenges.

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17 ene 2019
C/ Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, 08012, Barcelona, España
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Inicio 17 ene 2019
C/ Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, 08012, Barcelona, España
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Preguntas Frecuentes

· ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

The course aims to provide the knowledge for the understanding and use of design as a strategic tool to articulate and promote innovation. It seeks to train professionals to lead the management of complex processes of design and undertake new challenges, in order to exploit opportunities applying knowledge and methodologies to foster innovation: . Equip the participants with the set of skills to promote, develop and manage innovation through design, either on a project or within an organization. . Provide the knowledge and methodological tools to allow developing and managing innovative projects, from creating new products and services to create new business models or redefining processes, always from the perspective of “design thinking”. . Understanding the design methodologies and processes that allow bringing ideas into practice. From a critical approach, the course will provide the skills to be able to challenge the established procedures identify opportunities, implement innovative strategies through creativity and design, integrating all the knowledge involved in the innovation process.

· ¿A quién va dirigido?

. Grade/degree in any Design discipline, engineers, architects, marketing, communication and businesses professionals. . Communication and marketing specialists, . Professionals dedicated to the world of business and strategic planning . Entrepreneurs and industrialists from different sectors seeking to question their own value creation processes and to find techniques and methodologies to rethink their approach to business . Other professionals with proven experience in the field of design, innovation or marketing


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Antigua alumna
3.5 03/12/2016
Lo mejor: It was a good Master, but not as good as I expected.
A mejorar: The tools taught could have been explained better in terms of specific applications and various fields. Just a short talk about this would also be useful.
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Antiguo alumno
4.5 02/12/2016
Lo mejor: Since we are all applying the knowledge acquired in the course in our work, it will be great to involve the past experience of each of the students in a more active way.
A mejorar: Nothing.
¿Recomendarías este curso?:
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Antiguo alumno
5.0 29/11/2016
Lo mejor: I really enjoyed the Masters workshop. I think there should be a couple more maybe not on the weekend because so many people didn´t show up on saturday. It was a good way to change the dynamic, meet other students and learn about something not just in t...
A mejorar: - I understand some teachers didn´t want to give homework that would compete with our project but I do think some light work is necessary so we do not spend so much time in class recapping and we are able to take the subject into more depth. Enric was t...
¿Recomendarías este curso?:
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Antiguo alumno
3.5 26/11/2016
Lo mejor: I feel that I knew all the information given in the course but here we developed it so much more and we put it into practice. So that's good. Now I feel that my way of developing any project has changed. The methodology is stuck in my head (in a good way). Nevertheless, I was expecting new information. I understand that we are all from different backgrounds and it's different to match everyone's expectations. I also learned a lot from the other people in class.
A mejorar: I came here looking for more knowledge about management and strategy applied to design. I would have loved deepen more into those topics.
¿Recomendarías este curso?:
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Antiguo alumno
5.0 01/12/2015
Lo mejor: I really enjoyed the experience, it has been very enriching, it really set the bar higher as in perspective, structure and commitment for myself and to others. The tools learned are very practical and usefull for every field so it really doesn´t matter ...
A mejorar: Nothing.
¿Recomendarías este curso?:
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