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Art Design - Environmental Art Design

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En Yangpu (China)
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Tipología Bachelor's degree
Lugar Yangpu (China)
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Yangpu (China)
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If you want to become the best in design theory and practice you should look into this course!

Emagister has added a new course into his course list, that combines the aesthetics with engineering technology, teaching with society and market in mind.

With this BA you will discover the internal and external surrounding and environmental design, landscape design and planning, public art design and planning.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Environmental Art Design Program is a newly-emerging interdisciplinary subject, taking the art of time and space into consideration. Combining the subjects of art, design and architecture, the program has developed an educational system that is art-oriented, fashion-focused and engineering-supported. This Program is growing in three directions: Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Public Arts Design.

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Shanghai, China
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Shanghai, China
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Art design
Environmental Art
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Environmental Art Design
City Environment


Main Courses

Sketch, Painting, Pattern, Expression Technique,Modeling, Engineering cartography, Computer Aided Design, Preliminary of Environmental Design, Interior Design, Miniature Building Design, City Environment and Schema Design, Environmental Landscape Design, Art Curation, Public Arts Creation etc.

Training Programs

The practical stages include: drawing practice, professional investigation, design practice, graduation design, etc. Students are trained to analyze and solve problems so that they can keep up with the development of society and market.
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