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BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design

Marbella Design Academy - Costa del Sol s.l.
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Tipología Curso
Nivel Nivel avanzado
Horas lectivas 3600h
Duración 3 Años
  • Curso
  • Nivel avanzado
  • 3600h
  • Duración:
    3 Años

Would you like to study in south Spain and gain a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design by one of Britain’s most prestigious academic institution? Undertake this 3 years programme offered by Marbella Design Academy and gain a BA (Hons) Degree by Middlesex University.

The course programme combines art, technology and high standards to train the best graphic designers. Candidates have access to specialized tools and learn how to use the most popular professional computer software: Microsoft Office, Freehand, Illustrator, inDesing, Photoshop and Autodesk 3D Max. The first year covers the fundamentals and history of graphic design, as well as various applications of design –brand and editorial design and the first lessons with design software. They will go deeply into these topics during the second year. In the third one, students will expand their knowledge to other topics, receive professional orientation and have the opportunity to have real work experience.

This course is advertised on Lessons start at 9am and finish at 16pm, breaks included, but students can do extra work since college is open from 8am to 22pm.The programme is divided into three academic years. Each one includes 1.200 hours of lectures, direct and independent study equivalent to 120 core credits (UK). Therefore, at the end of the BA (Hons), students have completed 360 core credits (UK), which is equivalent to 180 ECTS credit points. Students must pass yearly exams controlled by Middlesex University London in order to gain the BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design by Middlesex University.

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BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design


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Packaging design
The influence of consumer awareness in packaging
Adobe illustrator
Industrial printing
Adobe InDesign
Photography tecniques
Advanced colour correction with Photoshop
Web design with Photoshop
FreeHand Dranwing
Design Projects
Editorial design
Video production and editing
Audio Editing
Theory of publicity
Studio management
Brand design
Design in commercial scenarios
Printing systems
Tehories of composition


Cyriel Vaes
Cyriel Vaes
Head of Graphic Design




Fundamentals of Creative Design

Describes and explores the main issues involved in the professional design field. It also introduces research methodology, learning, creating and communication skills. Conceptual development processes and various presentation techniques are taught in order to provide the students with the necessary skills to express their ideas in a professional manner.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Introduction to the basic skills and knowledge of the graphic design world. Techniques and procedures of the profession.

History of Graphic Design

Analysis of the evolution of graphic design through the ages. Study of the industrial progress of the trade.

History of Art

A comprehensive analysis of different art movements (pictorial art, sculpture, architecture) from prehistoric to present times and an introduction to methodologies such as research, analysing and writing skills.


Brand Design

Evaluation of systems of projection of corporate image application of design techniques in commercial scenarios.

Editorial Design

Introductory course dedicated to the evaluation of printing systems and in-depth analysis of the relationship between type and meaning.

Freehand Drawing 1

Techniques of manual graphic representation. Theories of colour, materials, composition, etc.

Photography 1

Introductory course covering basic techniques and addressing optical creativity from a design viewpoint.

Illustrator 1

Industry-standard software. Basic tools and processes. Relationship with manual freehand representation.

InDesign 1

Study of state-of-the-art software to combine techniques of Illustrator and Photoshop in edition scenarios.

Photoshop 1

Introduction to the most popular of design software. Applications to photography.


Project 1

Use of combined modular skills in real-world scenarios. To include lectures, one-on-one teacher guidance and practical application of resources acquired through each term.

Group Project

Evaluation of acquired practical capacity in combination with teamwork, communicational and presentational skills.

Final Project

Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full first year of graphic design.



Editorial Design 2

Further study of elements of type and its evolution. Advanced analysis of functions within professional scenarios.

Graphic Expression Techniques

Evaluation of the multiple techniques of graphic representation and their application to different design situations.

Theory of Publicity

Study of the industry and its relationship with graphic design. Analysis of the philosophy of public communication.

Audio & Video Editing 1

Introduction to video production and exploration of its potential applied to the publicity industry.

Web & Multimedia

Analyse social networks in media, as well blogs, and interpret how these are created and used effectively.

Packaging Design

A comprehensive analysis of how packaging helps to sell a product, how the invention of new materials influences the packaging industry and how ecology and consumer awareness has influenced packaging.


Illustrator 2

Further exploration of the hands-on use of this software. Study of the use of advanced features of the software in design situations.

InDesign 2

Advanced techniques in multi-software formats to conform to industrial printing requisites.

Photography 2

In depth exploration of the techniques and processes of digital photography. Rationale of application within design development.

Photoshop 2

Further exploration of work tools and advanced colour correction. Interrelationship of this software with web design as well as photography.

Freehand Drawing 2

Application of 1st year skills and techniques to profession-specific challenges.


Project 1

Use of combined modular skills in simulated Industry scenarios. To include lectures, one-on-one teacher guidance and practical application of acquired resources.

Group Project

Evaluation of acquired practical capacity in combination with teamwork, communication and presentation skills and their application in a professional work scenario.

Final Project

Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full second year of graphic design.



Editorial Design 3

In depth command of the elements and applications of type on advanced design challenges.

Three Dimensional Design

The application of design techniques on the production of three-dimensional objects. Packaging.

Audio & Video Editing 2

The further practice of the necessary skills for the production of video and its appropriate application to professional situations.

Print & Design Production

Study an overview of pre-press, print production, document management systems and printing resources alongside their relationships to modern printing processes.

Theory of Publicity II

An in-depth study of the Industry and its relationship with graphic design. Analysis of the philosophy of public communication.

Studio Management

Introduces students to the organization of work-oriented design effectiveness, both in the organization of space and the studio, resources and planning strategies necessary for successful covering of the customer requirements, cost control and billing.


Final Major Project & Portfolio

Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full third year of graphic design.

Educational & Vocational Orientation

Analysis of the work field and professional opportunities in the graphic design industry.

Work Experience

Opportunity for real world experience in the professional work field.

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Grado en diseño gráfico impartido en inglés

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