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Baby Sign Language Course

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Tipología Curso
Metodología Online
Horas lectivas 150h
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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 150h
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What will you learn?
‘WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!’. It’s not the easiest language to understand. As a parent, you’ll have had those desperate moments where you just wish your baby or toddler could tell you what they want. The Baby Sign Language Course helps them do just that. With videos, descriptions and illustrations to guide you through the essential signs to teach your child and with just under 80 signs in total, this course provides a simple communication tool that removes all ambiguity. It really is simple as well, after all, it’s designed to be taught to six-month-olds!
You’ll learn just what baby sign language is and how easily it can be used to establish communication between you and your child well before they start to speak. The history of baby language and the reasons it has come into popular usage are discussed. The course allays common misconceptions about teaching a child baby sign language and even outlines the benefits to both baby and you.
The great thing about this communication tool is that there is no right or wrong time to start, no ‘being behind’ or ‘too late’ (unless they’re already using speech to communicate), and you can start to establish baby signing from as early as 6 months, though they likely won’t sign until they’re closer to 8 or 9 months, or even at toddler age. Whatever you decide, this course shows you how to start implementing baby sign language, giving guidance on the process, and providing essential signs first: milk, eat, drink, more, done, mummy and daddy.
As with any learning process, there can be bumps in the road to mastery. The Baby Sign Language Course outlines some of the common problems that you may face as your baby learns to sign and how to work through them..
Fully-illustrated and broken down into categories, this course provides a vocabulary of some of the most important signs from the baby sign language repertoire rt their speech and other intellectual abilities and greatly boost their...

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: Special price for Emagister users. Code: NEWLIFE





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Sobre el curso: The way course was outlined was simply awesome and I would highly recommend the same to all. I had a nice time and everything was amazing, the lessons were amazing and engaging, they helped a lot, in accomplish. They presented various ways and means to chose from.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Lo mejor: The course itself was so easy to follow and very informative and the results came back very quickly. I like the way you can complete a module at a time and not g and in the whole thing at the end.
A mejorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Agosto 2018
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Lo mejor: They have a broad base of courses, staff are friendly and informative when you need to get in touch. Marking of coursework is prompt and within the parameters given. Course material is concise, and understandable.
A mejorar: -
Curso realizado: Enero 2018
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Lo mejor: The support has been amazing, the responses to my queries have not kept me waiting & help & advice has been given when needed. I've really enjoyed working through these courses.
A mejorar: All ok
Curso realizado: Agosto 2018
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V McKeough
Lo mejor: They call back when they say they will and give the advice that is needed no messing round. so glad that my mate recommended these going to work my way through the different style.
A mejorar: All ok
Curso realizado: Enero 2018
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Sign language
Communication Training
Communication Training
Communication Training


Module 1: Baby Sign Language - What’s It All About?

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: How Does Baby Signing Work?
  • Part 2: Common Fears About Baby Sign Language
  • Part 3: Benefits of Baby Signing
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2: Starting with Baby Sign Language

  • Part 1: First Considerations
  • Part 2: First Signs to Teach
  • Part 3: Interpreting Baby’s First Sign
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: Problems You May Encounter

  • Part 1: Problems You May Encounter
  • Part 2: Most Common Issues with Baby Signing
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4: Expanding Your Vocabulary

  • Part 1: Family Signs
  • Video: Family Signs
  • Part 2: Food Signs
  • Video: Food Signs
  • Part 3: Animal Signs
  • Video: Animal Signs
  • Part 4: Play Signs
  • Part 5: Daily Baby Life Signs
  • Video: Daily Baby Life Signs
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5: Baby Sign Language for Bi-Lingual Children & Children with Learning Disabilities

  • Part 1: Bilingual Baby Signers
  • Part 2: Baby Sign Language for Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6: Additional Signs

  • Part 1: Eating Utensils and Clothing Signs
  • Part 2: Additional Animal Signs and Play Signs
  • Part 3: Nature Signs and Other Useful Signs
  • Conclusion
  • Module 6 Assessment

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