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School of Biology - IE Universidad
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Tipología Grado
Lugar En 2 sedes
Duración 4 Años
Créditos 240
  • Grado
  • En 2 sedes
  • Duración:
    4 Años
  • Créditos: 240

Objetivo del curso: The Bachelor is designed to make you an expert in the management of processes and systems, and prepare you to lead teams and build your capacity for innovation to improve people's quality of life, while protecting and improving the environment.
Dirigido a: We look for leaders with a vision to start innovative projects and businesses in sectors from food and health, to ecotourism. We want to train determined and enterprising biologists, individuals with a vision to play a key role in finding solutions that will improve the quality of life whilst preserving the environment.

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María de Molina 11, 28006


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Cardenal Zúñiga 12, 40003



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Bachelor in Biology + Business
(taught in English)

IE University's Bachelor in Biology represents a new concept in Biology. It is a Bachelor for those with a passion for Biology who want to undertake projects which will improve the quality of life and create environmentally sustainable businesses. It is a Bachelor for people who want to become part of the business world associated to Biology and play a key role in innovation, leading management processes and directing investigation teams.

Our Focus

APPLIED Biology and a HUMANISTIC Vision

In IE University's Bachelor in Biology Bachelor you will learn three fundamental ideas:

  • The conservation and responsible use of natural resources. Courses on Biodiversity and Ecology will put you to work on concrete case studies.
  • Sustainability. Sustainability is woven into all courses. A Bioenergy course will explore the world of biofuels. In the course Information Technologies for Sustainability, students will handle data to monitor natural resources and sustainable businesses.
  • Improve life quality. Students will study aspects of improving health and food quality in courses of Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Sensory Analysis.

Management Oriented

We emphasize process management

We have a vision of Biology that is oriented towards process management. Our Bachelor program embraces all fields of Biology related to problem solving and finding solutions for projects, from biotechnology to sustainability and the conservation of natural resources.

A Practice Approach

What you study in class always is accompanied by field studies and international internships. To gain first-hand experience you will study at top rated institutions and in areas rich in biodiversity.

IE Module

Each Bachelor program and academic discipline takes an integrated approach and is always applied from a professional perspective.

IE University has a core set of courses required in all degree programs to give future professionals, regardless of their focus of study, a well rounded education that contributes to both academic and personal growth.

The IE Module core courses are geared to train students to be responsible and entrepreneurial, with a global, innovative outlook. It comprises 4 main courses:

  • Business Management - The students at IE University create and manage projects.
  • Humanities - The students at IE University undertake projects without conceptual limitations.
  • Interpersonal skills - The students at IE University lead and carry out projects in teams.
  • Ethics - The Students at IE University create responsible and valuable projects.

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